Identification procedure

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Identification procedure

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Today, there are many different situations that relate to the need to establish an identity. This became especially relevant with the beginning of a full-scale war, when people often lost their documents - sometimes together with their homes. Therefore, it is worth knowing that the identity verification procedure exists even for those cases when documents with a digitized face image or a photo card from state registers or information databases are not available. Let's consider this issue in more detail, and also note how the services of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm can be useful.


Information bases and witnesses

If a person has lost all documents, but there is information about him in the relevant registers and databases, then the documents will be restored precisely on the basis of this data. If there is no such information, the procedure will look different. The person will be established by attracting the witnesses mentioned by the applicant and interviewing them.

It is important to note who can be such witnesses. So, among these people:

  • able-bodied family members (including, it is not only about current family members, but also about the possibility of involving a former husband or wife);
  • a close person or neighbor (it must be a person who has reached the age of 14, who can confirm with relevant documents).

The result of the witness interview is a document in the form of an act. It is this act of identification that will be the basis for a person to produce other important documents in the future.

What else is worth knowing?

If a person, whose identity has not been established, issues a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the first time, and his relatives, who can confirm the identity, are abroad, then a somewhat simplified procedure is provided for during the period of martial law. Authorized representatives of the state may take evidence via video conference. During such communication, the person acting as a witness must present his own documents. This confirms that she really has a relationship with the person whose identity is being established and can give such testimony.

Regarding the presentation of witness documents, there is also a certain procedure here. He sends the documents to the departmental e-mail address of the territorial unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, whose representatives conduct the specified video conference. The conference itself is recorded on video, and the recording is later saved and attached to the application-questionnaire in the Registry.

When the authorized representative of the State Migration Service draws up an act, it states that the identification of the person took place precisely through video conferencing tools. Also, the act contains information that the person in respect of whom the procedure took place was present.


How can we be useful?

The team of the "Prikhodko&Partners" law office is ready to provide answers to questions that are relevant to you in a consulting format. We also offer our clients a representation service in cooperation with state bodies. This greatly simplifies the resolution of important cases and helps not to get lost in situations where the client himself would not have enough legal knowledge.

So contact us, we will help you in matters important to you. As for the consultation, it can be ordered not only in person in our office, but also online if you are in another city.

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