Identification of the person

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Identification of the person

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Identification of a person is a procedure carried out by the State Migration Service as part of the processing of documents that will certify the person. If you are interested in consultation on this issue or legal support of the procedure, such services are within the competence of our law office. The team of the law firm “Prikhodko&Partners” regularly takes on such requests and helps its clients get the desired result.

Identification of the person - information deskWhen such a procedure is necessary?

Sometimes people who managed to leave the territories of the so-called DPR, LPR and temporarily occupied Crimea apply for passport documents. In such cases, it is far from always possible to confirm your identity with the help of documents that have a photo. It is in such cases that identification involves a number of actions on the part of state authorities.


Let’s consider several situations with different initial data. The first case is when there are data about such a person in various state registers and databases. For example, it may be about information about documents that she issued earlier. Or – such information with a photo remained in the databases of private enterprises where a person once had the opportunity to work. All this can serve as evidence for identifying a person.

Let’s consider other cases. For example, let’s take a situation when there are people who know such a person left in the territory under the control of Ukraine, and there is no information left in any registers or databases. In such a case, you must also write a statement to the authorized state body (it is the relevant territorial administration of the State Internal Revenue Service) and indicate in it the persons whom you want to use as witnesses.

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Identification of the person - team informationWhat to do when the witnesses are abroad?

There are also situations when there are no people left in the territory controlled by Ukraine who can certify the identity of the applicant, but at the same time part of his family has evacuated abroad. In this case, the procedure can be carried out via video link. During the interaction, a record is kept, which will be attached to the application. Therefore, relatives do not have to come to Ukraine to certify the identity of one of their relatives who found himself without any documents and seeks to restore them.

If we summarize all the above, it is worth saying that the authorized state bodies have sufficiently developed mechanisms for identification of the person, which are provided for various cases. So you can not worry – there will definitely be an option for your situation.



When you seek professional legal help, you greatly simplify your interaction with representatives of government bodies.

  • First, in the consultation format, you get answers to questions that are relevant to you. This will give an opportunity not to engage in the search for such answers on your own, working out a large array of current legal norms.
  • Secondly, when representing the interests of his clients, a qualified lawyer has much more leverage in the legal field. So such tools should be used.

The team of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law office always works for results, prioritizing the well-being of its clients. We will help you quickly go through the necessary procedures and restore documents. To get advice on identification of a person or to order legal support of a case by a lawyer, fill out the form on the website and we will contact you.

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