Фото: How to unblock the card if it has been seized?

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How to unblock the card if it has been seized?

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Using credit cards has become commonplace for Ukrainians, as today citizens are faced with a lot of problems that force them to use them in practice. For example, these can be: sudden layoffs, price increases for basic necessities, full-scale war with the Russian Federation. All this affects the fact that a person initially takes a loan, but then does not have the opportunity to pay for it. And as a result, her card is blocked because a debt has been incurred and there is an enforcement proceeding against the debtor. This shows the relevance of this topic. In this article, we will consider how to unblock a bank card if it has been seized.

What are the most common reasons for a bank account garnishment?

  • non-payment by the debtor of the amount of the debt stipulated in the credit agreement;
  • non-payment of taxes and fees, communal services;
  • failure to pay alimony, fines, etc.

And then what is the legal basis for imposing an arrest?

The grounds for blocking your account are:

  • a decision of a public or private executor regarding the execution of a court decision;
  • executive inscription of a notary;
  • if criminal proceedings have been opened against you and the investigating judge issued a decision to block the accounts;
  • the decision of the bank, where the latter detected suspicious activities with your account related to money laundering or any other fraud or illegal financial transactions.

The most likely thing in life is the imposition of an arrest on the basis of a decree of a state or private executor. Other cases are not so common.

What is required to unlock your card?

There are a number of possible ways in which events can develop to remove the hold from your card, namely:

  • Full repayment of debt. The easiest and fastest option to remove a lien from your bank account.
  • Appealing a court decision or a notary's writ of execution. If you do not agree with the fact that the court has recognized the debt for you in the case or you believe that the executive notary is illegal, then you can appeal this decision. Not a quick process, and therefore takes a lot of time and effort.
  • Writing a statement to the executive service, which issued a decision on imposing a seizure on a bank account with a requirement to use the minimum amount of the seized account in the amount of UAH 13,400. per month. If you do not have enough money to repay the debt, but you want to use the seized account, then this is a good opportunity to exercise your right.
  • Writing an application to the state or private executor of the application for repayment of the debt in parts. In such situations, the latter will be able to withhold a certain part of the debt (most often 20-50%) from your salary and you will be able to pay off the debt gradually.


Can a financial institution block your bank account because of an existing small debt of 200-500 hryvnias?

Blocking of a bank account is carried out on the basis of a decision of a state or private executor on the imposition of a seizure, which the financial institution receives from the enforcement service. The size of the debt is not a determining factor for issuing this resolution, and therefore there is currently no minimum amount for imposing a seizure.

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Lawyer in the practice of bankruptcy of individuals and individual entrepreneurs. Specializes in write-off of bank and MFI loans through the bankruptcy procedure.

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