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If you are a foreigner and have submitted documents for your child’s citizenship in Ukraine and want to find out about the readiness of the document and somehow pick it up, then it is time to contact our company “Prikhodko&Partners”.

First of all, in order to receive correct and up-to-date information about the document, you need to make a request to the migration service to be sure of the following actions. Our company and professional lawyers of the migration department can ensure the organization of every next step until you receive the result in your hands.

You will be provided with a questionnaire, in which you will need to enter the following information – where and when you submitted documents for registration of citizenship, details of your passport, identity card, and so on. After sending the document and THEN from the moment of receipt of the request by the migration service – count 5 days, and it is after this period that you will receive an official answer (namely, a document) regarding the status of your document. If you are abroad at the moment, we will send you all scanned copies.

Then, if the answer about the readiness of the document comes with a positive result, then we can offer you to get a citizenship passport through us. If you are in another country, we can pick up the document and send it to you by international mail. But, it will be impossible without a power of attorney.

A one-time power of attorney is a written document issued to a person for the execution of one specific agreement or for representation before third parties.

In this case, the power of attorney is required precisely to perform a specific legal action, namely to collect the passport of a citizen of Ukraine from your person at our representative office.

Your actions should be as follows:

  • You can apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in the country of your stay (for example, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Federal Republic of Germany in the city of Berlin).
  • Or you can find any private notary in the country you are in.

For assistance in processing a power of attorney to our lawyers in the country of your stay. Then send the original power of attorney with all signatures and APOSTILLE to us. Then, and only then, can we collect the passport and send it to you.

If you cannot find a lawyer who can help you solve this issue, the lawyers of our company are also ready to help. This is done in the following way: you send your passport, identity card, residence permit in Ukraine and a child’s birth certificate. All documents require mandatory scanning!

Based on these documents, we prepare an agreement for the representation of your interests (power of attorney) and send it to you in PDF format. You print it, sign it and send us a SCAN. After that, the request will be sent to the migration service.

Note: the power of attorney can be written in any language. It will be officially translated into Ukrainian in Ukraine.

Do not neglect the professional help of leading specialists. The lawyers of our company guarantee success in any case.

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