How to submit a person to the international wanted list of Interpol?

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How to submit a person to the international wanted list of Interpol?

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The main direction of interaction between representatives of law enforcement agencies and Interpol is to establish the location of wanted persons. For what purpose is this interaction established? For the simple purpose of informing, locating or detaining a person. In this article, our specialists - lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will tell you what features the process of submitting a person to the international wanted list of Interpol has.

Let's start with the fact that the current criminal procedural legislation has certain shortcomings. Among other things, it lacks a clear legal regulation of declaring a person wanted by Interpol. It is because of this that some questions of the international search require finalization.


Legislative framework of the issue

According to the current Ukrainian legislation, there are 3 types of search:

  • National (that is, a search within the state).
  • Interstate (within two or more states).
  • International search.

Let's focus on the international search in more detail. It is interesting that the meaning of the concept of "international search" is not defined by law. Ukraine has been included in the sphere of influence of Interpol since 1992. A year later, this fact was confirmed by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Later, a number of other provisions and instructions regarding interaction with Interpol were adopted.

These documents define the order of cooperation between Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and the General Secretariat of Interpol. We are talking about activities related to the prevention and investigation of crimes that have the status of international.

Specifically, this cooperation consists of the following:

  • Preparation of initiative requests to Interpol representatives.
  • Exchange of available information (forensic, operational-reference and operational-search).

Instruction No. 3/1/2/5/2/2 (paragraph 4.4) stipulates that the international search of citizens begins with a request sent to the National Central Bureau of Interpol.


The request must have objective and complete information about the facts and events concerning the wanted persons. Among other things, the following information must be specified:

  • Number of the criminal case and its details.
  • Description of the circumstances of the committed crime/crimes.
  • Complete information about the wanted person.

After checking the received information, the person is declared wanted by Interpol.

Among the measures that can be taken on the territory of another state:

  • Establishing control over the movement of a wanted person.

In this case, Interpol representatives outside Ukraine can provide information on the whereabouts of the wanted person.

  • Detention and arrest of the suspect with his subsequent extradition.

The initiator of the search must guarantee in the request to the National Security Service that in the event of the arrest of a wanted person outside of Ukraine, a request for the person's extradition will be sent to its authorized bodies.

Assistance of professional lawyers in submitting a person to the international wanted list of Interpol

Submitting a wanted person through Interpol is a very difficult task. It is best to entrust this matter to a professional lawyer.

Law firm Prykhodko and Partners has the necessary practical experience in submitting appeals to the international organization Interpol. All you need to do is contact our lawyers. We will do everything else for you.
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