How to sell a business in Ukraine?

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How to sell a business in Ukraine?

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Selling a business is a serious step that requires detailed planning and careful preparation, as well as legal support to secure your future from current mistakes.

Ukraine has fairly good legal regulation and offers numerous opportunities for the sale of a business, but this process requires special attention to legal, financial, and organizational aspects.

In this article, we will look at the key steps and tips on how to sell a business in Ukraine.

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Business preparation for sale

The first step in selling a business is preparation.

You must determine why you want to sell the business and what your expectations are for the transaction.

It is also important to carefully review your company, understand its potential and strengths, and identify areas that need improvement.

Determination of business value

Setting a realistic price for your business is a key aspect of selling.

This may require a professional valuation, which can be ordered from business sales professionals or consultants.

It is important to consider all assets, liabilities, profits, and opportunities for future development.

Search for a buyer

Looking for potential buyers, including investors, entrepreneurs, and competitors, is best done with appropriate legal support.

Yes, the specialists of the Law Company “Prikhodko and Partners” have a large number of people, both among clients and among counterparties, who may be interested in your business.

Documentation and legal support

Before selling a business, it is important to have all the necessary documentation in accordance with regulations and requirements.

This includes all financial statements, contracts, licenses, and other important information.

We recommend involving a relevant legal specialist or lawyer in the process for legal support of the agreement.

Negotiations and conclusion of the agreement

Negotiating the terms of a business sale can be difficult. It is important to define all terms of the agreement, such as price, terms, terms of payment, and other obligations of the parties.

The conclusion of a formal agreement is the last stage before the transfer of the business to the new owner.

Business transfer and after-sales support

After closing the deal and transferring the business, be ready to provide after-sales support to the new owner.

This may include training staff, helping to resolve issues, and maintaining a positive relationship with the new owner.

What documents should be paid attention to in order to prepare the sale of the company?

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the existing documentation for the company, in particular, but not exclusively:

  1. Protocol (Decision) No. 1 on the creation of a company
  2. Description of documents provided to the state registrar
  3. Further decisions about changing the company
  4. All tax reports, including VAT, are available

Documents that must be paid attention to during the direct purchase and sale procedure:

  1. Agreement for the purchase and sale of shares in the authorized capital of the company
  2. Act of acceptance and transfer of a share in the authorized capital of the company
  3. Applications of the appropriate form for the change of participants (and other changes) for the state registrar

Thus, selling a business is a difficult but possible process that requires detailed preparation and attention to detail.

Ukraine offers various opportunities for selling a business, and the right strategy and professional support can make this process more successful and profitable.

There are numerous resources and consultants in Ukraine that can help with the sale of a business, but it is important to have reliable legal support to help you at all stages.

Managing the sale of a business requires vigilance and responsibility, but it can lead to a profitable deal and new opportunities for all parties involved in it, which is provided by the specialists of the Prikhodko and Partners Law Firm.

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