Фото: How to return stolen money from a bank card?

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How to return stolen money from a bank card?

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A very common phenomenon today is the theft of funds from a bank card due to the use of fraudulent actions. Sometimes one call or text is enough to lose money. How to return stolen money from a bank card is a topical issue. Experts from our Prykhodko and Partners law office will help you figure this issue out.

The most common fraudulent schemes are related to parental cards

Today there are many different types of cyber fraud. The main goal is to obtain illegal access to the bank accounts of third parties.

Among the most common fraudulent schemes used to steal funds from a bank card:

  • Calls from "bank representatives".

Potential victims are allegedly called by employees of banks or other financial institutions. With the help of manipulation and falsification of data, fraudsters obtain the necessary information about the owner of the payment card.

  • ATM fraud

Criminals can take advantage of other people's funds by creating duplicates of the customer's card or other equipment.

  • Phishing sites

Through such sites, criminals gain access to important information related to bank customers.

To protect your own interests and funds, we recommend following the following advice:

  1. Do not follow suspicious links on the Internet.
  2. Creating an Internet card with a zero balance will protect your finances in the process of making payments on the Internet.
  3. Setting limits for cash withdrawals from the card and limits related to transfers of funds to third parties.
  4. Periodic change of pin codes, passwords to bank cards.

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Is a refund possible?

To begin with, we note that the relationship between the client and the banking institution is regulated by the bank account agreement. The main thing that is indicated in this contract is that the bank has the right to write off funds only at the client's direction. This means that when withdrawing funds, bank representatives must make sure that the client's order is correct.

That is, if the bank debits funds from the account without the appropriate instruction of the client, the bank is obliged to return to the client the amount that was illegally withdrawn from his account (in this case, we are talking about fraudulent schemes through phishing).

If you have become a victim of criminals via the Internet, the first thing you need to do is to inform the bank representatives about the fact of the theft of funds from the account. We recommend recording the conversation with the bank representatives and saving the existing correspondence with the attackers. It is also important to immediately enlist the support of professional lawyers and representatives of law enforcement agencies.

Assistance of lawyers in returning stolen funds from a bank card

If you were unable to protect your own funds from falling into the hands of fraudsters, you need to form an effective protection strategy. Inaction can lead to the fact that the criminals will remain without appropriate punishment, and you - without funds.

That is why you should contact our lawyers. Prykhodko and Partners specialists, after a preliminary consultation, will determine all possible ways to return lost funds. Each situation is individual and requires a detailed analysis.

Do you still have questions? We are waiting for a preliminary consultation! To calculate the cost of a lawyer's services for the return of lost funds, fill out the form below.

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Specializes in crimes in the military sphere, and is also an expert in criminal offenses against traffic safety and operation of transport

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