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In order for a newly built or reconstructed automobile filling station (gas station) to start its work on legal grounds, it is necessary to go through a complex algorithm of technical and legal procedures. By definition, a gas station is a complex of buildings and technological equipment for receiving, storing fuel and refueling vehicles. It is an object of significant consequences (CC3) and increased danger according to the identification according to the law №2245-III “On objects of increased danger” from 18.01.2001.

Obtaining a certificate of acceptance of the gas station is one of the final steps before starting this facility. A number of legal requirements must be met in advance. According to the experience of Prikhodko & Partners, the winner is the gas station owner, who enlists the support of experienced lawyers at the stage of choosing a plot of land for this object or a ready-made structure to be re-equipped.

What documents will be needed to start the gas station?

Legal commissioning of gas stations is subject to the following documents:

  • Certificate of commissioning of the completed facility with significant consequences (CC3) – issued by DIAM (GASK body).
  • Permits for work and use of high-risk equipment – issued by the territorial body of the State Labor Service.
  • Licenses for the right to retail trade and storage of fuel – issued by the traffic police at the location of the gas station.

The advantage of involving lawyers in the process of obtaining permits is the availability of experience that allows to reduce the risk of failures, and with it the delay in starting the gas station to a minimum.

How to get a certificate of acceptance of the gas station into operation?

The key to successful certification is the right steps. In particular, for the construction of gas stations it is necessary to obtain urban conditions and restrictions, which will indicate the initial data for design. It is a question of observance of several DBN (concerning fire safety, features of placement of gas stations on city streets, planning and building of territories and other).

At the design stage, an environmental impact assessment report should be prepared and submitted to the Department of Environmental Safety for an opinion. Such a report is prepared by certified specialists and stored in the Unified Register of Environmental Impact Assessment during the planned activities.

Documents for obtaining a certificate of acceptance of the gas station in operation can be submitted after the following steps:

  • obtaining a construction permit;
  • completion of construction works;
  • production of technical passport.

To obtain a certificate, you must submit documents in electronic form (through the portal Action), certifying them with an electronic signature.

The list of documents includes:

  • act of readiness of the object for operation;
  • receipt (payment order) for payment of the certificate (from December 1, 2021 – UAH 12,901 20 kopecks);
  • a statement that is generated automatically after filling out the online form.

When considering the issue of commissioning, the GASK body has the right to inspect the facility, appoint examinations, submit requests for design and executive documentation, certificates, explanations.

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