How to properly design a summer site for a cafe or restaurant?

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How to properly design a summer site for a cafe or restaurant?

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A summer playground for a cafe or restaurant is an opportunity to make your establishment more attractive in the warm season. However, at the same time, one should not forget about the correct design of the summer playground. This is one of the activities of PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS lawyers.

What are the features of summer playgrounds?

Summer sites for cafes or restaurants can be conditionally divided into several types:

  • Open-type pitches

Sunbeds or tables in cafes or restaurants are placed on the terrace or outdoors. To protect them from the sun, umbrellas and canopies are installed above them.

  • Fields of partially open type

These are structures with a sloping roof, which are attached to the main building of a restaurant or cafe. Such verandas are made of various materials. In most cases, they are designed in the general style of the institution. Windows can be closed with oilcloth curtains or blinds.

  • Closed playgrounds

We are talking about temporary structures: pavilions, awnings, etc.
Before opening a summer playground, it is mandatory to familiarize yourself with all state requirements for obtaining permit documentation for its operation. The lawyers of our company PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS will help you to understand this issue.
For example, an outdoor dining area cannot be opened if you have a dining room or a cafeteria.

In which places is it prohibited to place a summer playground?

In accordance with current legislation, summer playgrounds are not located:

  1. On lawns and green spaces.
  2. On the carriageway of roads and streets.
  3. On alleys, sidewalks, footpaths, if it is an obstacle to the free movement of pedestrians.
  4. On artificial structures.

Important: all summer playgrounds must be located without interfering with the load-bearing structures of stationary buildings. If necessary, they should be easily dismantled. In addition, only chairs, benches, tables, umbrellas, decorative elements, landscape and flower arrangements, refrigeration equipment, special temperature regulation, etc. can be installed within the summer (open) areas.

What documents are required for registration of a summer site?

Before starting the installation of the summer playground, the following package of documents must be prepared:

  • Reference on the functional purpose of the summer playground.
  • Expert opinion on compliance with all fire regulations.
  • License for trade in tobacco products and alcohol (if necessary).
  • Act of registration of restaurant/cafe capacity.
  • Contracts with suppliers of water, gas, electricity and other communal services.
  • Equity participation agreement.


Depending on the location of the summer playground, the above list may be supplemented with other documents.

For a more detailed discussion of the restrictions and other features of the design of summer playgrounds, contact our lawyers. We are waiting for consultations! To calculate the cost of a lawyer's services, fill out the form below.

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