How to privatize an apartment if there is a warrant?

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How to privatize an apartment if there is a warrant?

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Have you still not had time to privatize your own home? You don't know how to privatize an apartment if there is a warrant? Experts of the law firm PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS provide clarification on these and other issues.

You will need the privatization of an apartment in the event that your goal is to dispose of real estate freely, i.e.: pass it on as an inheritance, donate it, carry out redevelopment, sell the house. Important: if you do not go through the privatization procedure, after the death of the tenant, the apartment becomes the property of the state.

Legislative framework of the issue

To date, the Law "On Privatization of the State Housing Fund" continues to operate in Ukraine. According to this Law, anyone who lives in a state-owned apartment can register the right of ownership.

In order to privatize an apartment, you must have a warrant. That is, you must act as a tenant of this residential space. In addition to the tenant, the persons who live in the apartment participate in the privatization procedure.


Among the most common objects of privatization are one-family houses, apartments, rooms in dormitories. Among the objects that are not subject to privatization:

  • Apartments-museums.
  • Service apartments.
  • The apartments are in a state of disrepair.
  • Rooms in dormitories on the territory of arboretums, botanical gardens, nature reserves.

What documents are required for the privatization of an apartment?

The following documents will be required to privatize an apartment:

  1. Application for privatization of an apartment.
  2. Technical passport of the inventory of the apartment.
  3. Copies of documents (passport, TIN) of all persons registered in the apartment.
  4. Warrant for provision of living space.
  5. Certificate of family composition.

Important: the package of documents for the privatization of an apartment may be supplemented or changed based on the specifics of each specific case. For example, consent to the privatization of absent family members or a certificate of registration of the previous place of residence may additionally be required.

Services of a lawyer on privatization

Privatization of an apartment, as a rule, is a rather multi-stage and lengthy process that requires spending a lot of energy and time. In order to collect all the necessary package of documents, you will need to visit many government institutions. It is also very important to prepare the documents correctly. Very often there are cases when, for example, you can get a refusal of privatization due to an incorrect application.

Thus, the privatization of an apartment is a serious process that requires accuracy and attention in the process of drawing up all documents.

The lawyers of our law firm PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS will provide consultations on all issues related to the main nuances and stages of privatization.

We will help to issue:

  • Legal documents.
  • Real estate documents.

We provide services to support the privatization of an apartment at all stages: from the preparation of the necessary documents to the registration of ownership rights to real estate.

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