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 The staff list is a very important document, as it is the first document that the labor inspector checks when he comes for inspection. And inspections can be both scheduled and unscheduled. Staff list – a document that establishes the structure, staff and salaries for the enterprise, institution, organization. However, the form of the staff list is not normatively approved.

  What to do in this case?

 Alternatively, we can use the form approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of January 28, 2002 №57. This form is intended for budgetary institutions, but we can refine it and use it.

  The staff list must contain the following columns:

  • List of positions (without full name);
  • Name of profession, position according to DK 003: 2010;
  • Number of staff units;
  • Salaries (amounts of permanent allowances, surcharges);
  • Monthly wage fund;

 The staff list is introduced and amended by order of the head of the main activity.

  What components must be in order to form a staff list:

– Structure and staffing (name of positions (professions) according to DK 003:2010 – which units and which positions in each unit);

– Regulations on structural subdivisions (name of departments and positions, as well as job descriptions, as we need to know what each subdivision does, its name depends on it and how many employees of certain positions should be in this structural subdivision);

– Regulations on remuneration of labor (salaries taking into account DK 003:2010 – we describe the system, how salaries are formed, who has an hourly salary, who has a piece rate, who has a monthly salary; salaries are formed according to the classifier of professions);

 It is possible to take as a basis the form approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of January 28, 2002 №57 or the unified form of the staff list.

  The most common questions about the staff list:

– How to correctly indicate the title of the position: professional title of work with DK 003:2010 or indicating the category, tariff category, specification of work performed? – job title in the classifier is the basic job title and we have to add to it a category, tariff category or specify the work performed, for example: payroll accountant.

– How to indicate the number of staff units: in whole units is it possible to 0.5 or 0.75? – Count first how much you need. If you calculated according to the standards and 0.5 units of the cleaner are enough for you, it can be 0.5. But if according to the standards you need 1 unit, but you still take 0.5, because you have little work, you have to put the unit in the staff list.

– How to indicate the salary for an employee who works with an employment of 0.5? – we indicate the full salary for this position, and 0.5 is employment.

– Should the amount of permanent surcharges and allowances be indicated in the staff list? – Of course, they must be on the staff list.

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