How to legalize house redevelopment in 2024? Legalization of house redevelopment

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How to legalize house redevelopment in 2024? Legalization of house redevelopment

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As you know, appropriate documentation must be available for any non-residential or residential building. This documentation indicates such information as the total area, number and dimensions of rooms, layout, etc. Any changes made to the house must be legalized. We are talking, in particular, about replanning. In this article, we will consider how to properly legalize the redevelopment of a house in 2024. Legalization of house redevelopment is one of the areas of activity of specialists of our legal office Prykhodko and Partners.


Redesigning the house: what should be remembered?

If you decide to start any construction work in the house, you should decide what type of work it will be. For example, the following two concepts are quite often confused: redevelopment and reconstruction. At the same time, we note that they are fundamentally different.

To begin with, consider the definition of "house remodeling". Any re-planning is associated with construction works that do not involve interference with the enclosing and supporting structures of the house, expansion of the area of the house or construction of additional outbuildings next to the house.

The process of re-planning the house does not involve obtaining permit documentation. As for reconstruction, such documents must be provided.

In the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, the construction works related to the redevelopment are listed in sufficient detail (Resolution No. 406 dated June 7, 2017).

Among the most common options for remodeling a house:

  • Demolition of the partition between the toilet and the bathroom.
  • Combining the living room with the kitchen (while retaining the load-bearing walls).
  • Installation of new walls/partitions.
  • Dismantling/changing of walls in the house (non-load-bearing).

In addition, obtaining documents-permits is not required in the process of construction of a non-capital structure (gazebo, garage without a foundation, summer shower, etc.).

Therefore, it is necessary to legalize the redevelopment of the house in two cases:

  • In the case of independent major reconstruction of the real estate object (change in area, technical characteristics, etc.).
  • Lack of registration of changes made by former owners to the real estate object.

To legalize the redevelopment of the house, the following documents will be required: TIN, passport (documents are provided by all co-owners of the house), documents that will be proof of ownership (of land and house), if available - a technical passport.

Please note: if the house has several co-owners, the consent and participation of each of them will be required. If someone does not agree, this issue can only be resolved in court.


Assistance of professional lawyers in the legalization of real estate redevelopment in 2024

In some cases, the question may arise: is it necessary to legalize the redevelopment of the house? Let's try to answer this question. Despite the fact that the current Ukrainian legislation does not provide for obtaining a permit for redevelopment, we still recommend obtaining new documents that will reflect all the completed work.

In the absence of correctly executed documents, serious difficulties will arise with the sale, donation, rental of the house, etc. Existing inconsistencies can be detected during the technical inventory and production of the technical passport. For the legalization of the house, it is best to contact professional lawyers.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will be able to provide detailed information related to the legalization of real estate objects, as well as help to collect the necessary package of documents, having issued a replanning in accordance with all the performed works.

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