How to legalize apartment redevelopment in 2024? Legalization of apartment redevelopment

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How to legalize apartment redevelopment in 2024? Legalization of apartment redevelopment

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Among real estate owners, the issue of apartment redevelopment is quite common. The main goal of any redevelopment is to satisfy one's own needs. In any case, it must be remembered that the redevelopment of the apartment must be legalized. Of course, there are fairly easy changes that do not involve global intervention in the technical characteristics of the real estate object, but most of them require a more serious approach, in particular, legalization. If, after all, you need to legalize the redevelopment of the apartment, the specialists of our law office Prykhodko and Partners will help you with this.


What documents are needed to legalize apartment redevelopment?

The following documents must be prepared for the legalization of redevelopment:

  • Old technical passport (if available).
  • Passport and TIN of all apartment owners.
  • Documents confirming ownership.

It is quite easy to legalize the redevelopment of an apartment in cases where it has one owner. However, at the same time, it is quite difficult to go through the entire procedure on your own. Therefore, it is better to contact real professionals. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will check all documents and analyze each situation for the risk of "pitfalls". As a result, you will receive the entire necessary package of documents, which will serve as confirmation of the legalization of the redevelopment of the apartment:

  • New technical passport for the real estate object.
  • Extract from the register of rights to real estate.
  • Engineer's certificate, if the area was adjusted.

The above documents officially confirm the legality of the redevelopment.

Legalization of apartment redevelopment: what should be considered?

Although the redevelopment of the apartment belongs to the simplified scheme, quite often the owners ignore the issue of preparing the documents that will serve as confirmation of ownership of the real estate object. For example, without legalizing the redevelopment, you may face problems during:

  • Apartment for sale.
  • Drawing up a donation contract.
  • Exchange of one apartment for another.
  • Carry out other operations related to the real estate object.

That is why we do not recommend neglecting the issue of legalization of apartment redevelopment.


The issue of registration of arbitrary redevelopment of an apartment is described in detail in Resolution No. 406 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated June 7, 2017. According to this Decree, legalization of redevelopment begins according to a simplified scheme after the completion of construction works.

Although the process of real estate legalization has been greatly facilitated, it will take quite a long time to legalize the real estate object. In order to complete the redevelopment without disturbing the enclosing structures and load-bearing walls, you need:

  • Get a new technical passport for the apartment (for this you need to contact certified engineers).
  • Make changes to the State Register of Property Rights.

It is quite difficult to legalize the redevelopment of an apartment in 2024 on your own. That is why it is best to entrust this matter to real professionals. Specialists Prykhodko and Partners will perform all the necessary transactions for the legalization of real estate in accordance with current laws and legal regulations. Representatives of our law office will provide recommendations on solving any issue related to the legalization of apartment redevelopment. Among the main principles that guide us in our activities: honesty, openness and efficiency.

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