How to legalize a balcony on the first floor? – legalize the extension of the balcony

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How to legalize a balcony on the first floor? – legalize the extension of the balcony

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Almost all modern high-rise buildings in Ukraine have balconies. The presence of balconies allows you to expand the space, arrange additional places for rest and leisure, or create whole rooms. If we are talking about old high-rise buildings, the owners of apartments on the first floor could only dream of balconies. Their absence encourages residents of such houses to arrange balconies on their own. At the same time, it is worth noting that the addition of a balcony necessarily requires its legalization. In this article, our lawyers - specialists Prykhodko and Partners will tell you how to legalize a balcony on the first floor.


Legislative framework of the issue

A large number of apartments in Ukraine require additional space, i.e. a balcony. However, there are certain legal nuances here. The owners of apartments on the first floor cannot add such an extension to the apartment solely at their own will. It is necessary to obtain the appropriate permits and legalize the extension. Depending on the conditions, the legalization procedure will differ. For example, if the balcony does not have a foundation, it is much faster and easier to legalize it. This is due to the fact that it does not touch the land plot. If we are talking about the construction of an extension on the first floor, the legalization procedure is much more complicated. It is better to use the services of professional lawyers for the correct and prompt legalization of the extension.

If the owner of an apartment on the first floor ignores the process of legalization of extensions, this will have legal consequences: for individuals - from 50 NMDH, for legal entities - from 36 subsistence minimums.

In addition to fines, the owner of an apartment with an attached balcony will not be able to gift, sell, inherit, or exchange real estate.


Stages of legalization of the balcony extension

A balcony in the form of an extension can affect not only part of the building, but also the structure of the multi-apartment complex as a whole. Balconies often extend beyond these structures. According to the current Ukrainian legislation, it is possible to legalize an already fully built balcony. This process is almost no different from the legalization of an extension before its construction.

Among the stages of legalization of the balcony extension:

  • Obtaining permits from local executive authorities.

In addition, you will need permission to build an extension from the condominium manager and neighbors.

  • Registration of the right of ownership of the part of the land plot that will be developed.

As an option, a lease agreement for the relevant area can be used.

  • Development of a professional project.

Representatives of the architectural inspection will help agree the documentation for the legalization of the extension.

  • Submitting a notice on the start of construction of the extension.
  • Carrying out a technical inventory after the completion of construction.

After the construction of the balcony, a new technical passport of the apartment is made.

  • Submission of documents for registration of the extension.

The last stage is the registration of ownership of the constructed balcony.

Assistance of professional lawyers in legalizing the extension of the balcony

The process of legalizing a balcony extension is quite a difficult task. It is better to entrust it to real professionals. The lawyers of our firm Prykhodko and Partners will prepare all the necessary documents, thereby ensuring high-quality and prompt legalization of the extension.

We advise our clients on all issues. Extensive work experience in the field of legalization of real estate objects and extensions allows us to solve even the most complex issues. All possible subtleties and risks are discussed at the early stages. The legalization of the extension is processed by our "turnkey" lawyers.

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