How to get a grant for the development of a processing enterprise?

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How to get a grant for the development of a processing enterprise?

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Today in the world there are quite a lot of products and goods that are mass-produced for a wide audience.

However, this is both an advantage of modern production, since the end customer has a significant choice of products, and at the same time its disadvantage, because the constant creation of a large number of goods significantly harms the global ecology.

In this case, processing enterprises that deal with the elimination of household waste after people's life activities come to the rescue.

However, to open your processing enterprise, you usually need a lot of money, which is not always available to ordinary citizens.

Therefore, in this informative article, we will talk about how to get a grant for the development of a processing enterprise in Ukraine.

What should be understood by a processing enterprise?

Processing enterprise - an organization that specializes in the processing of raw materials for the manufacture of finished products. These enterprises can work in various sectors of the economy, including the food industry, chemical industry, engineering, oil refining, etc.

Manufacturing companies can range in size from small family businesses to large corporations with multiple production lines and employees.

How to get a grant for the development of a processing enterprise?

To receive monetary financing within the framework of the grant program, it is necessary to submit a written application and a developed business plan.

You can implement the submission of documents in 2 ways:

  • through the Diya state portal with a mandatory overlay of an electronic digital signature (online format);
  • through a personal application to Oschadbank branches (offline format).

Who can apply?

The terms of the grant program provide that only citizens who plan to be entrepreneurs in the future, already operating FOPs or legal entities can participate in it.

In addition, they must meet the following criteria, namely:

  • Potential candidates must not conduct any economic activity on the TOT of Ukraine and the territory of the Russian Federation at the time of applying;
  • Potential candidates must not be under international and Ukrainian sanctions;
  • No bankruptcy proceedings were initiated against potential candidates;
  • Potential candidates were not prosecuted for criminal corruption offenses;
  • Potential candidates do not have any debt to the budget of Ukraine (this means that the individual or legal entity paid all necessary tax payments and fees on time).

What amount of grant can be received?

According to the terms of the grant program, the selected winner can receive up to 8 million hryvnias in financing for the development of a processing enterprise, but at the same time, it is necessary to create at least 25 new jobs.

Obtaining a grant for the development of a processing enterprise on your own is quite a difficult task for its implementation in practice, and therefore, in such a case, you should contact the Prikhodko and Partners law firm.

Our specialists are always ready to provide only high-quality legal support to the company's clients, as we specialize in obtaining grant funding to implement your business ideas. So don't delay and come to us for a consultation!

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