How to find out if a criminal case has been opened?

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How to find out if a criminal case has been opened?

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When we are faced with possible violations of the law and wrongdoing, finding out the status of criminal proceedings can be an important step in properly protecting our rights and interests. After you have contacted the law enforcement authorities with a statement about the commission of a criminal offense, it is necessary to understand that a criminal case is not automatically initiated. The very fact of filing an application is not yet a sign of the opening of criminal proceedings. This is only the first step in a complex process, which includes a thorough examination and collection of evidence. In order to properly protect our violated rights, it is important to make sure that criminal proceedings are indeed open. In obtaining this information, you will be helped by the lawyers of the law firm "Prykhodko and Partners", who will provide you with legal support at any stage of your case.

What problems can arise with the verification of information in the ERDR?

Due to various circumstances, a person may be interested in finding out whether a criminal case or a pre-trial investigation has been opened against him. However, in many cases, finding such information can be difficult. For example, it is impossible to find information about criminal proceedings by last name or name of a legal entity. Including knowing the number of the criminal proceedings, a search in the EDPR may not bring positive results, since the search method does not meet the standards for obtaining access to such information.

Another problem when searching for information about a criminal case is the limited range of authorized persons who are granted access to the EDPR, in particular:

  • The owner of ЕРДР;
  • Users with appropriate access;
  • Heads of prosecutor's offices;
  • Heads of NABU, SBU, SBU, etc.;
  • Heads of pretrial investigation bodies;
  • Other persons established by law.

Criminal liability is provided for illegal possession of EDPR information, established by Articles 361 and 362 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. These regulations provide for liability for all unauthorized actions with information contained in automated systems and computer networks. This means that access to such information is possible only if it is used by a defined circle of persons, which are clearly established by law. Thus, independently obtaining information about the presence of a criminal case or proceedings against individuals or legal entities is impossible and can be qualified as illegal actions in accordance with criminal legislation.

How to get information about criminal proceedings?

There are two ways to get information:

  • Contact the national police in person to obtain an extract from the EDPR;
  • Contact a lawyer who has the authority to send a lawyer's request to the relevant authorities to obtain information about a criminal case.

Importantly! Information about a criminal case, in addition to the persons established by law, can be obtained by the parties to the criminal proceedings in the form of an extract, which includes such details as the date of submission of the statement about the crime, information about the person who submitted the statement, a description of the event of the crime and his current qualifications.

How can we help?

In a situation where a person has serious reasons to suspect that a criminal case may be initiated against him, but there are no available ways to independently find this information, it is important to turn to lawyers for help.


A lawyer of the Prykhodko and Partners law firm specializing in criminal cases can provide the necessary support and assistance in this situation. He will be able to assume the role of an intermediary between the client and law enforcement agencies, make relevant requests and learn information about the status of criminal proceedings. It also has access to specialized resources and databases, allowing it to obtain information not available to the general public.

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Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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