How to draw up a will for a grandson

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How to draw up a will for a grandson

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Inheritance relations in Ukraine have always been relevant. This is due to the fact that every citizen strives to transfer his own property, which he received during his lifetime, to a certain circle of heirs.

However, to exercise this right in practice, a person needs to draw up and draw up a will. What is the relevance of the chosen topic for today?

Therefore, in this informative article, we will talk about how to draw up a will for a grandson.

What should you know when making a will for a grandson?

  1. A citizen's expression of will can always be counterproductive. If, during the preparation of the will and its subsequent execution, a person changes his mind regarding the determination of a specific list of heirs and the latter's receipt of a corresponding share in the inherited property, then he has the right to cancel and change it. The new document (will) automatically cancels the old one completely, or in those provisions where it completely contradicts it and becomes effective from the moment of the testator's death, as well as the declaration of his disappearance as missing or deceased by a court decision.
  2. You can bequeath not only rights but also duties. For example, you can indicate the conditions under which a will for a grandson will come into force. In addition, we may be talking not only about the property owned by the testator at the time of writing the text but also about the property that will belong to him in the future.
  3. The document must be included in the Inheritance Register. In practice, this means that the heirs learn about the existence of a will either from the words of the testator himself or during a direct appeal to a notary with the necessary package of documents and a statement about accepting the inheritance.

How to draw up a will for a grandson?

To draw up a will for a grandson, you should contact a person who has the authority defined by law regarding his certificate.

In practice, these are most often public and private notaries. However, it can also be officials of local government, doctors of health care institutions, the captain of the ship, and many others.

During the application, the notary verifies the full legal capacity of the person, in the absence of a written document (will), he is engaged in writing it, and if the person brings an envelope (so-called secret will), he also makes a notarial inscription on it, but without familiarizing himself with its contents.

The testator must personally sign the will in the presence of a notary public.

Importantly! The text of the will itself must be laid out in a logical sequence with the possibility of its clear understanding and avoidance of double interpretation.

What documents are required to make a will for a grandson?

  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • documents confirming the testator's ownership of his property.

This entire list of documents is necessary to establish a person and the scope of his civil rights and obligations (for example, children or some disabled relatives, according to current legislation, always have the right to part of the property, even if they are not listed in the list of heirs).

If you have any questions regarding the execution of a will for your grandson, you should contact the "Prikhodko and Partners" law office.

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