How to conclude a lease agreement for a room or apartment?

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How to conclude a lease agreement for a room or apartment?

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Renting real estate is one of the inseparable components of the life of a modern person. Almost every Ukrainian at least once rented or rented a room or an apartment. In this article, our experts - lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will tell you how to draw up a lease agreement for a room or apartment. A correctly drawn up contract is a guarantee of protecting the interests of the lessor and the lessee.

Lease agreement: what to consider?

The requirements for drawing up a lease agreement are specified in the Civil Code of Ukraine. So, in particular, the contract receives the status of concluded in cases where the parties have reached an agreement on all existing issues. In accordance with current legislation, the lease agreement is concluded in writing. There is no mandatory notarization requirement. However, there are certain exceptions. An apartment rental agreement with redemption must be certified by a notary public.

The parties to the real estate lease agreement include natural and legal entities.

Let's take a closer look at the structure of the lease agreement.

If we are talking about renting residential premises, the following must also be indicated:

  • Scope of the contract.
  • The cost of renting real estate.
  • Validity of the document.
  • In the case of a long-term lease (more than one year), the list of persons who will live with the tenant is additionally indicated.

In addition, guarantees, rights and obligations of the parties, grounds for early termination of the contract are prescribed. We recommend specifying as many details as possible in the lease agreement for the premises or apartment. This will protect you from the risk of various disputes arising in the future.

In the process of concluding the contract, it is very important to describe in detail the existing technical condition, furniture of the apartment or premises. This will protect both the tenant and the homeowner at the same time.

We will consider in detail the issue of the validity period of the lease agreement. The Civil Code clearly states: if the contract does not specify its term of validity, it is determined automatically - 5 years. Important: it is worth taking into account the conditions and procedure for extending the lease of a room or apartment.

When at least 3 months remain before the contract expires, the lessor can contact the lessee with a proposal to conclude a new agreement on similar terms. Without such notice, the contract will be considered automatically renewed.

Documents for signing a lease agreement

When accompanying the drawing up of a lease agreement, the lessor's ownership right must be checked by a lawyer. To do this, we check the following documents: passport, apartment purchase agreement, extract from the Unified State Register of real estate objects.

The following documents will be required to conclude the contract:

  1. Documents confirming the identity of the lessee and the lessor.
  2. Extract from the EDR indicating ownership of the real estate object.


Assistance of professional lawyers in drawing up a lease agreement

Of course, for the correct conclusion of the lease agreement and maximum protection against future risks, it is better to entrust this matter to professionals.

With Prykhodko and Partners lawyers, you can be sure of 100% protection of your rights and your own real estate. We have the necessary practical experience in drawing up such contracts, and therefore our specialists will definitely take into account all your wishes. Our main task is to protect the rights of each client.

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