How to collect alimony from an unemployed person?

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How to collect alimony from an unemployed person?

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The collection of alimony from an unemployed debtor can be caused by complex circumstances and important factors.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the mechanism of collecting alimony in case of unemployment, identify the main obstacles and problems that may arise, and also tell you in detail how our law firm "Prikhodko and Partners" can help you in this complex process.

What is the mechanism for collecting alimony from the unemployed?

The collection of alimony from an unemployed person includes several key stages:

  1. Analysis of the financial situation:
  • Checking for any sources of income or property that can be used to pay child support.
  • Taking into account the possibility of receiving social benefits or other types of assistance.
  1. Preparation of documents and statements.
  • Development of a detailed statement in which all facts and circumstances related to the collection of alimony are clearly defined.
  • Preparation of the necessary documents that confirm the debtor's unemployment and financial condition.
  1. Trial.
  • Presentation of the case in court and argumentation of the need to collect alimony, even in case of unemployment.
  • Taking into account individual circumstances and finding the optimal solution.
  1. Execution of a court decision.
  • Issuance of an executive letter to ensure the execution of a court decision.
  • Consideration of the possibilities of bank collection and other ways of execution.

Is it possible to confiscate the property of an unemployed person at the expense of alimony in Ukraine?

Ukrainian legislation empowers courts to take into account various sources of income and property when collecting alimony, even in the case of the debtor's unemployment.

The court decides on the possibility of property confiscation, taking into account the specific circumstances of the case.

This may include an analysis of the debtor's financial situation, his other possible sources of income, and the determination of alimony based on this information.

It is important to remember that the rules can change, and consulting with a lawyer is important to understand the specific context of the case.

Courts use an individual approach and take into account all circumstances for a fair resolution of alimony collection issues in Ukraine.

The main obstacles and problems that may arise are:

Collecting alimony from an unemployed person may face the following problems:

  • Lack of income. Aggravating circumstances of collection, when the debtor does not have an official source of income.
  • Social benefits. Application of rules that take into account social benefits and other forms of assistance.
  • Prolonged legal process. The possibility of prolonging the legal process, especially in cases of unemployment.
  • Change of circumstances. The need to monitor and adapt the strategy in case of changes in the debtor's financial condition.

Legal company assistance

Our law firm "Prikhodko and Partners" is ready to provide you with competent assistance in solving this difficult task:

  • Experience and expertise. We have many years of experience in family law and child support, including unemployment cases.
  • Individual approach. We understand that each case is unique, so we develop an individual approach to each client.
  • Full support. From the preparation of documents to the execution of a court decision, we are with you at every stage of the process.


Collecting unemployment benefits can be a daunting task, but with the right strategy and professional support from our law firm, you can ensure financial protection for your family.

Do not hesitate to contact us for legal assistance in this complex process.

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