Фото: How to collect a salary if you worked unofficially?

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How to collect a salary if you worked unofficially?

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Unfortunately, situations when an employee fulfills his duties, but does not receive adequate remuneration for it, are not uncommon. Especially often, people who work without registration of labor relations face a similar problem.

Although informal work deprives the worker of many guarantees and protections, this does not mean that he is not entitled to wages. In this article, we will tell you how you can collect your salary if you worked unofficially.

Try to collect wages peacefully

Before resorting to radical measures, it is recommended to try to resolve the issue peacefully. For this:

  • Talk to the employer. Calmly and clearly explain the situation to him, remind him of the amount you owe and ask him to pay it. It is possible that the employer simply did not have the funds at the time of payment, but will be able to settle with you later.
  • Contact the trade union (if available). Trade unions can help you in resolving labor disputes with your employer, in particular, in collecting arrears of wages.

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Contact the government authorities to receive your salary

If a peaceful resolution of the conflict is not possible, you can contact the following authorities:

  • State service on labor issues. This body is designed to monitor compliance with labor legislation, including the payment of wages. You can file a complaint with the State Labor Office, which will conduct an inspection and take measures against the employer.
  • Prosecutor's Office It also has the right to investigate violations of labor legislation, in particular, non-payment of wages. According to the results of the investigation, a criminal case may be initiated against the employer.
  • Court. If other methods have not worked, you can apply to the court with a claim for the collection of arrears of wages. The court will review your case and issue a binding decision.

How to get a salary if you worked informally: important points

Even if you worked informally, you are still entitled to wages.

  1. Collect as much evidence as possible that confirms the fact that you did the work and the amount of your debt.
  2. Do not be afraid to defend your rights. Seek help from legal experts if necessary.
  3. Collect any evidence that can confirm the fact of your work and the amount of debt. These can be:
  • Testimonials from colleagues or other people who know about your work.
  • Electronic communication with the employer (e-mail, SMS, messages in messengers).
  • Entries in the log of registration of exit / entry to work (if any).
  • Receipts for receiving money (if you were paid unofficially).

Don't be afraid to stand up for your rights. Even if you worked informally, you have the right to receive wages. Consult a lawyer if you need advice or help in solving your issue.

Consult a lawyer

Are you not getting paid? Contact the lawyers of "Prykhodko and Partners"

Solving the issue of non-payment of wages, especially if it is an informal employment relationship, can be a difficult task. Our law firm can help you:

  1. Assess your chances of successfully resolving the case;
  2. Collect the necessary evidence;
  3. File a complaint with state authorities or a lawsuit in court;
  4. To represent your interests in court and other instances.

In case of confirmation of the fact that the manager allowed the employee to work without drawing up an employment contract and paid him (remuneration) without accruing and paying ESSV, financial sanctions are imposed on him. The amount of the fine is 30 times the amount of the minimum wage, established at the time of discovery of the violation, for each employee against whom it was committed.

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