How to check whether the pension is calculated correctly?

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How to check whether the pension is calculated correctly?

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Correctness of pension accrual is a question that often arises from clients who apply for legal services in Ukraine. The fact is that the Pension Fund of Ukraine often violates the rights of pensioners, no matter how paradoxical it sounds. But those people who have encountered these phenomena in practice or heard the bitter experience of relatives and friends know what it is about.

What are the common violations in the issue of pension accrual?

Each pensioner who has encountered such a position of the PF has his own story. Someone was not taken into account additional types of financial support based on the updated certificate. Someone refused to take part of the work experience into account, due to unclear entries in the work book. And for some, preferential service is not taken into account, as the law provides. Problems also often occur when a person, having the right to different types of pension, chooses one of them. In such cases, the average salary is often incorrectly calculated.


Whatever the plot of your story, it is important to stand up for your rights and legitimate interests. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with how it can be done in more detail. And if you, in principle, do not know how to check the correctness of the pension calculation, we will tell you about it in detail later.

What should be done to find out if the pension has been calculated correctly?

In order to carry out such a check, you can register on the Portal of electronic services of the PFU. But it will be much more effective to contact lawyers who specialize in such client appeals. Such specialists work at the Prikhodko&Partners law office. Therefore, more correct and accurate information about the correctness of pension accrual can be found out through a lawyer's request. With it, we can request all information and documents.

The norms of the current legislation give the lawyer the right to demand the provision of any information, as well as documents. Legal responsibility is provided for failure to provide it.

What to do if the pension is calculated incorrectly?

If it turns out that there are problems with the calculation of the pension and in fact it should be higher, you should first try to resolve the issue directly through the Pension Fund. This option is called administrative and, unfortunately, in practice it mostly does not give results. Perhaps someone has a question about why it is not possible to immediately go to court, if appealing the decisions, actions and inaction of the PF in an administrative way is ineffective. The fact is that the court considers whether a person tried to solve his problem by himself, communicating directly with representatives of the Pension Fund.


So, summarizing the above, it is important to note that the court format continues the chain of actions in the pensioner's defense of his rights, but this does not replace the importance of the administrative stage, despite its lack of effectiveness in most situations.

It is also important to know that after receiving a refusal from the PF regarding the proper accrual of a pension, you have a fairly short period of time to file a lawsuit in court. Consideration of the case in such cases takes place in the order of administrative proceedings.

We regularly deal with such client appeals, we always work for the result and know from practice that such cases are profitable. So don't delay and apply.

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