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How to check the salary accountant?

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Payroll is a complex process that requires careful attention and accuracy. For many entrepreneurs, the best solution is to entrust this task to a qualified accountant. However, how can you be sure your payroll accountant is doing their job properly?

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Reasons for a payroll accountant check

There are several reasons why you might want to check the work of your payroll accountant:

  1. Inaccuracy in calculations:
  • Incorrectly calculated wages can lead to financial losses for both you and your employees.
  • This may include errors in the calculation of salaries, bonuses, bonuses, allowances, vacation, sick leave, etc.
  • Such mistakes can lead to underpaying or overpaying your employees, which can have negative consequences for both employee morale and your budget.
  1. Non-compliance with legislation:
  • Payroll accountants must know and comply with all applicable tax and labor laws.
  • This includes the Tax Code, the Labor Code of Ukraine, other laws and regulations.
  • Failure to comply with the law may result in fines, penalties and other sanctions from regulatory authorities.
  1. Fraud. Unfortunately, there are cases when payroll accountants cheat their employers. If you have any doubts about this plan, it's important to check with an accountant. Major cases of fraud may include activities such as:
  • Appropriation of funds from the salary fund;
  • Creation of fictitious employees;
  • Cost overruns;
  • Use of non-existent tax benefits.
  1. Imperfect communication:
  • It is important that you have clear and open communication with your payroll accountant.
  • You need to understand how your wages are calculated, what taxes and fees are paid, and how your payroll funds are used.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, your accountant should be able to answer them clearly and concisely.
  1. Change of circumstances:
  • If your business is undergoing changes such as growth, downsizing, ownership changes, or reorganization, you may need to review the work of your payroll accountant to ensure that he/she is properly accounting for these changes in his/her calculations.
  1. Dissatisfaction with work:
  • If you're not happy with your payroll accountant's work, that's another reason to check him/her out. You may have noticed errors in calculations, non-compliance with the law or other problems. Or you just feel that your accountant is not doing his job properly.

Outsourcing: a good opportunity to check the payroll accountant

One way to test the performance of your payroll accountant is to outsource. This means that you hire an outside company to handle your payroll accounting.

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Advantages of outsourcing

  1. Independence. The external company will be independent from your state, which reduces the risk of fraud.
  2. Expertise. Experienced accountants will take care of your business.
  3. Rest. You don't have to worry about complex calculations and compliance with the law.

"Prykhodko and partners": advantages of our payroll accountant

"Prykhodko and partners" is a legal company that offers payroll accounting services. We have a team of experienced accountants who have knowledge of all current legislation.

Advantages of our company

  1. We have many years of experience working with enterprises of various sizes and industries.
  2. We use modern software to ensure accuracy of calculations.
  3. We guarantee the confidentiality of all your information.
  4. We offer transparent and fair prices for our services.

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