Фото: How to check the ban on leaving Ukraine?

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How to check the ban on leaving Ukraine?

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Currently, Ukraine is under martial law, so all men conscripted are prohibited from leaving. However, there are others besides this category. These are those who cannot leave Ukraine for other reasons. Usually, we are talking about certain problems with compliance with current legislation. We invite you to read this topic in more detail to get answers to current questions. And we will also tell you how the help of specialists working at the law firm "Prikhodko&Partners" can be useful.

Why can citizens be banned from leaving?

So, among such reasons, the following should be noted:

  • Opening proceedings. This applies to criminal cases where the ban on leaving is a coercive measure used against a person. There is nothing surprising here, since an open criminal proceeding and subsequent investigative actions require the presence of a person on the spot - both in the context of interaction with the investigation, and in the context of possible further criminal liability.
  • Tax debts. If a person has not paid taxes on his business or real estate, he may also be banned from leaving. In this way, the state encourages citizens to comply with the norms of tax law. In addition, it can be about not only taxes, but also about fines. When a citizen has such debts to the State Tax Service, it is likely that he will have problems traveling abroad.
  • Alimony debts. This reason is one of the most common. Often, a person evading the payment of alimony does not have any particular problems in Ukraine, and representatives of the State Executive Service are often reluctant to assist in the execution of a court decision regarding the payment of alimony. However, the situation changes dramatically when there is a need to go abroad. Non-payment of alimony becomes a good reason for this to be impossible. There is a whole register of alimony debtors. You can check your presence in it through Opendatabot.
  • Administrative supervision of the National Police. If a person is under such supervision, he will also not be able to leave while it is taking place.

Another category of persons is those who know state secrets. In short, a sufficiently large number of people may face obstacles in terms of leaving Ukraine.

How to check whether you are not prohibited from leaving Ukraine?

Some try to direct the request to the relevant government bodies on their own, but this option does not always work quickly. It is much better when you enlist the support of competent lawyers who can effectively help.


We can apply to the State Tax Service, the Internal Revenue Service, the Ministry of Justice, the court and other authorized state bodies with a request to check whether a person is subject to a travel ban. With our help, it works much faster due to the following reasons:

  • We know how to correctly formulate a request so that the answer to it is appropriate.
  • We focus on how to correctly check the presence or absence of a travel ban in each specific case, based on the circumstances of the situation.
  • We have the opportunity to receive an answer to the request significantly faster, given the fact that the authorized state bodies must respond to the lawyer's request in a fairly short time frame, provided by the current legislation.

Specialists of the legal company "Prikhodko&Partners" are the ones who will help you learn about the travel ban in a specific situation. We regularly come across appeals from our clients who need help by directing a lawyer's request to the authorized bodies. So we know what to do.

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Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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