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How to check documents for an apartment or house?

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Before buying any real estate, it is necessary to check the available documents. This will be necessary not only to significantly save time and simplify the buying and selling procedure, but also to allow you to abandon the idea of buying problematic real estate in time. In this article, our experts, lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will tell you how to check documents for an apartment or house.

In what cases is it necessary to check the documents for the real estate object?

Among the most common situations when it is necessary to check documents for real estate objects:

  1. Privatization of residential space.
  2. Sale, exchange of apartment/house.
  3. Donation of real estate.
  4. Acceptance of inheritance.

For example, a serious risk is the purchase of an apartment or house without the involvement of intermediaries (ie, a realtor, lawyer, notary). This is due to the fact that not everyone is familiar with legislative acts and will be able to distinguish falsified documents from real ones.

In turn, our lawyers will check who actually owns the house/apartment, whether the real estate object is jointly owned. In addition, we will pay attention to whether minors are registered in the apartment.


Is it necessary to check the secondary market apartment?

Some apartment buyers mistakenly believe that buying real estate on the secondary market, in a long-built building, is not accompanied by any risks.

However, as evidenced by court practice, it is not enough to notarize the availability of documents for the apartment, arrests and encumbrances. Quite often, apartments that were previously purchased illegally are sold. In such cases, the person who bought the apartment last will suffer the most.

That is why, before buying an apartment/house, you should order a legal inspection service. This will allow you to research the history of the real estate object in as much detail as possible. In particular, Prykhodko and Partners lawyers will check:

  1. The seller and the risks associated with them (the presence of debts, claims of relatives, legal proceedings).
  2. History of the apartment, ownership of the real estate object.
  3. Availability and legality of agreements regarding the real estate object.
  4. Real estate rights of third parties (financial companies, banks, the state, etc.).

Documents confirming ownership

Before buying real estate, it is necessary to check the availability of original documents on the right of ownership. It is necessary to pay special attention to whether there are no traces of forgery on the documents. If the owner has minor children, permission from the guardianship authority must also be obtained.

In addition, our lawyers will check whether the ownership right is indicated in the State Register of Property Rights to real estate objects. Among the documents that can be proof of ownership:

  • Certificate of inheritance.
  • Certificate of purchase of real estate at auction.
  • Technical passport, etc.

Assistance of professional lawyers in checking documents for an apartment or house

So, you can check the documents for the real estate object yourself. You can analyze the available options of apartments/houses according to many criteria, while assessing the property risks. However, without special knowledge, it is quite difficult to understand whether such real estate will not be problematic in the future.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide full support for real estate transactions. Including, we check the available documents for the apartment or house. You can be sure that the apartments checked by us will be absolutely "clean", without a problematic history.

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