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The grounds for changing the amount of alimony paid are a change in income, financial status or marital status, improvement or deterioration of the health of the recipient or payer of alimony, as well as other reasons provided by Ukrainian law.

What are the grounds for changing the amount of alimony the courts take into account?

► A sharp decrease / increase in the income of the recipient of alimony. If child support is not enough for the basic needs of the child, his food and maintenance, the court may increase the amount of payments or change the method of payment, for example, from a fixed amount to a partial, or vice versa. It is necessary to determine which option in a particular case to obtain alimony will be more profitable and correctly draw up claims.

► Loss of source of income, work as a recipient of alimony. The court goes to the meeting and can put the interests of the child first in the event of, for example, the loss of employment by the child support recipient. For example, a mother has been laid off or for health reasons she cannot work and is left without a source of income. This takes into account the inability to work, and if the voluntary dismissal does not have good reasons, it will be more difficult to increase the amount of alimony. If the child is under the age of three or with a disability, it is possible not only to increase the amount of alimony, but also to collect child support (or the recipient of child support).

► Severe illness of the alimony recipient or child. The need for treatment and expensive drugs, the inability to work due to illness and provide the child with proper nutrition and maintenance.

► Loss of close people and relatives who provided financial support for the maintenance of the child and as a result of which the recipient of alimony’s financial situation deteriorated sharply. In this case, the courts meet if, as a result of deprivation of such a source of income, the financial situation has deteriorated and there is not enough money to support the child and provide for his basic needs.

► Significant increase in prices for products, goods and services, increase in the needs of the child, while wages remained at the same level. These are mainly cases where the child’s mother filed a lawsuit when the child was still very young, and after a few years, the child’s needs increased and the standard of living deteriorated.

Also remember that the mother (or someone who lives with the child and receives child support) has the right to his own maintenance other than the child, for example, during pregnancy or child support up to 3 years, disability has arisen during marriage or within one year after divorce, pre-retirement age, raising a minor child with a disability.

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