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 In previous articles, we analyzed the possibilities of using electronic services. Today we will analyze how to add NACE to a natural person-entrepreneur without leaving home. Here you should use the service of the online house of justice at the link https://online.minjust.gov.ua/ or the well-known service “ACTION” at the link https://diia.gov.ua/. Consider the following actions on the example of the site of justice.

 Therefore, to change the classifier of economic activities, you need to follow the sequence of the following steps and actions:

1. Go to the site https://online.minjust.gov.ua/ and click on the “Login” button.

2. Next you need to log in with an electronic digital signature.

3. On the left side, select the section “Services” – then “Apply” – then “State registration of business” – then “Individuals” – then “State registration of changes to information about a natural person-entrepreneur”.

4. You will open an application form in which you need to fill in the so-called introductory part (general information about FOP) and from the list of changes to select item number 4 – change of activities”.

5. Next, you need to enter all the classifier of economic activities codes that you want to add. Adding or removing codes is done using the “slider button” (Green adds and red – removes).

6. Simultaneously with the previous application, an application for a single tax will be formed. It can no longer be changed, as the data is automatically duplicated from the main form, which is already filled. From this we can conclude that now the State Tax Service of Ukraine will be notified automatically, and it is no longer necessary to submit this application to the tax office separately. However, the norms of the Tax Code of Ukraine state that the business entity is obliged to notify the bodies collecting and collecting taxes of changes, in particular the classifier of economic activities. Therefore, here to avoid possible penalties from controllers, it is necessary to watch and send the application through the electronic office of the payer.

7. Ladi click “Apply” and wait. Within 48 hours in the section “My applications” you will see the result of consideration of such a submitted application. If you followed the instructions and did everything right – the relevant classifier of economic activities codes will be added.

8. Next, for our own verification, check the availability of codes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations at https://usr.minjust.gov.ua/content/free-search by entering the code RNOKPP and the register of payers of the single tax at the link https://cabinet.sfs.gov.ua/registers/edpod.

 We have already talked about the importance of classifier of economic activities codes in previous articles, and therefore it is not necessary to take this process lightly.

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