How to arrange permanent care for a father

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How to arrange permanent care for a father

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Today, a significant proportion of citizens in Ukraine are elderly people. This is evidenced by the statistics of the Pension Fund for 2023, where it is said that there are about 10.5 million pensioners in Ukraine, which is quite a large indicator of the total number of citizens.

And every year, the number of elderly people only increases. All this leads to the fact that the issue of registration of permanent care in our country has become more relevant than ever.

However, not all citizens understand how to arrange permanent care, for example, for their parents.

Therefore, in this article, we will define a clear algorithm of actions on how to arrange permanent care for the father, taking into account the provisions of Ukrainian legislation.

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What is the definition of continuing care?

Under constant care should be understood -care provided to a person who is not physically able to take care of himself due to a serious illness, industrial injury, or accident, reaching old age, and in this regard needs assistance and supervision from third parties or relatives.

Thus, we can say that the vast majority of elderly people need to establish constant self-care.

How to arrange permanent care for the father: algorithm of actions?

To begin with, an elderly person must contact their family doctor and inform them that they wish to arrange permanent self-care.

The family doctor will provide a referral for the person to undergo a medical advisory board (MDB) to establish the fact that she needs to receive constant care from another person (a social service provider or a relative).

After that, as the need for permanent care has been established, a citizen who wishes to provide care on a non-professional basis applies to the National Health Service with the following documents:

  • a written statement in which he gives his consent to the provision of social services on a non-professional basis;
  • a statement from a person who needs to establish self-care about giving consent to receive social services;
  • identity documents – passport of a citizen of Ukraine, RNOCPP, etc.;
  • the conclusion of the LCC that the elderly citizen needs to be cared for by third parties (caregiver or relatives);
  • documents about the place of actual residence or registration;
  • declaration of income and current property status.

Importantly! After receiving all the necessary documents, the National Health Service registers them no later than one working day and sends the personal file of the individual who will provide permanent care to the relevant authorized body for decision-making.

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Such an authorized body is the body of guardianship and care, which will make the final decision regarding the determination of the degree of individual needs of a person who needs the provision of social services and the appointment of a person as a permanent caretaker.

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