How to arrange a house without documents? (house/dacha without documents)

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How to arrange a house without documents? (house/dacha without documents)

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Very often, the specialists of our Prykhodko and Partners law office are contacted by clients who do not have documents for a private or country house. Among the reasons for the absence of documents: the date of construction of the real estate object (it can be, for example, houses built during the time of the existence of the USSR), inheritance of real estate without permission documents, etc. Regardless of the reasons, it is necessary to arrange the house. Our lawyers will help you with this.


Real estate without documents: what to remember?

In the absence of documents regarding the real estate object, certain restrictions apply:

  • A house or other real estate cannot be gifted, sold or bequeathed.
  • It is impossible to issue the right of ownership.
  • The risk of imposing fines from state construction and architectural control bodies.

Thus, it is impossible to legally prove the right of ownership without the presence of relevant documents. This leads to restrictions in the implementation of any legal transactions with real estate objects.

Procedure for registration of a house without documents

Nowadays, the issue of building a house without the relevant documents is a very relevant issue. Previously, there was such an opinion: one should first build a house and only then think about its legalization. For many, it was an opportunity to save money and solve this issue more quickly. Then this question was "frozen" for a long time. At the exit, the owners of such real estate received arbitrary construction permits without any documents. A completely different question arises regarding real estate objects erected before 1992. This is justified by the fact that at that time there was a completely different procedure.

In each of the options described above, the issue of building a house without documents arises. It is necessary to start with the following: make sure that there are documents for the plot of land where the self-build is erected. Among these documents:

  • Certificate of ownership
  • State Act
  • An extract from the State Register and a number of other documents that allow you to dispose of a plot of land.

According to changes in the legislation, each plot of land must have its own cadastral number. This will make it possible to legalize a private house, cottage and other real estate without documents. Only after this stage can you proceed directly to the decoration of the house. There are 2 possible options:

  • Registration of the real estate object according to the general procedure.
  • Designing a house under construction amnesty.


Let's consider each of the options in more detail. Let's start with the registration of the real estate object according to the general procedure. In this case, self-build is considered as a new construction. This means that you will need to go through all the stages, namely:

  • Obtaining a passport of construction/town planning conditions and restrictions.
  • Submitting a notice on the start of building construction.
  • Carrying out a technical inventory.
  • Submission of the Declaration regarding the commissioning of the real estate object.

As for the registration of a house without documents, built before 2015, a construction amnesty can be applied. This procedure has been in effect since 2019. Our lawyers will be able to determine whether your real estate is subject to this legalization procedure.

The help of professional lawyers for the registration of a house without documents

So, let's summarize. Legalization of real estate without relevant documents is a rather complicated process that involves various stages. That is why it is better to order the service of professional legal support for putting real estate into operation.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners have the necessary practical experience and a proven algorithm of actions to solve the issue of legalization of private houses and other real estate as quickly as possible.
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