How not to pay real estate tax?

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How not to pay real estate tax?

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Have you received a tax assessment notice for real estate? Has the tax office determined the amount of tax for an apartment or house? How to reduce the tax amount?

Let's find the answer together and start with the definition of the tax. Real estate tax in Ukraine means a tax on real estate other than a land plot. Legal relations between the state and citizens regarding the withholding of real estate taxes are governed by the provisions of Article 266 of the Tax Code of Ukraine. The real estate tax is a local tax, i.e., it is imposed by local authorities and paid to the respective local budgets.

Payers of such tax may be both individuals and companies that own real estate or a share thereof.


Tax assessment notices are prepared by the tax authorities and sent to real estate owners by July 1 of the year following the reporting year. Therefore, all real estate owners should be prepared to receive such "happiness" letters from the tax authorities.

At the same time, in order to prevent unjustified tax burden, the State has provided for the possibility of exempting a taxpayer from taxation, however, if at least one of the conditions provided for in sub-clause 266.2.2 of clause 266.2 of Article 266 of the Tax Code is met.

Real estate that cannot be subject to taxation includes, among other things, real estate owned by the state or municipalities and financed at their expense; located in the areas of alienation, resettlement, temporary occupation; intended for family-type orphanages; dormitories, etc.

In addition, the current tax legislation, in accordance with the provisions of subpara. 266.2.4 of the Tax Code, provides for the possibility of obtaining real estate tax benefits.

This benefit is a reduction in the area subject to taxation by:

  • 60 square meters for apartments;
  • 120 square meters - for residential buildings;
  • 180 square meters for various types of residential real estate.

These benefits are available to all citizens for each reporting period, which is equal to one calendar year according to the law.

In order to actually exercise the right to the benefit, citizens should contact their local taxpayer service center to verify their eligibility for the tax benefit.


Such an application may be prepared and submitted by the taxpayer independently or with professional legal assistance and authorization to take a full range of measures to exercise the right to a tax exemption on real estate other than a land plot. Attorneys, guided by the rights and guarantees of the legal profession, will ensure that your rights are respected and, through legal mechanisms, realize your right to the benefit and, accordingly, reduce the tax burden of your family.

Specialists of the law firm "Prikhodko & Partners" can provide representation of your interests in relations with the State Tax Service and help you realize the right to a benefit.

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