How much does the defense of a criminal lawyer cost in court?

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How much does the defense of a criminal lawyer cost in court?

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Most people think that they will never need the help of professional lawyers in their life. However, it is quite difficult to predict all the situations that we may face during our life. Regardless of the specific reason, you will definitely need the services of a lawyer.

Protection of a criminal lawyer in court is one of the areas of work of the specialists of our Prykhodko and Partners law office.

In this article, we will consider in detail the functionality of a criminal lawyer in court.


The main tasks of a lawyer in a criminal case

Let's start with the fact that in Ukraine only the bar is responsible for providing professional legal assistance. This means that the lawyer has the right to represent the interests of the suspect in order to defend him against criminal charges.

Criminal proceedings are one of the specific types of activity of authorities authorized by the state (we are talking about pre-trial investigation bodies, the court and the prosecutor's office). The result of any criminal proceeding is the adoption of a reasoned decision.

During the pre-trial stage and consideration of the case in court, both natural and legal persons become the main actors of criminal procedural relations. This means that they have their own duties, rights and legitimate interests. Their list depends on the status of a specific subject in a criminal case: suspect, witness, victim, etc. Regardless of the assigned status, each person wants to receive real professional help.

For example, when communicating with representatives of law enforcement agencies and the investigating judge, it is very important to have relevant knowledge, skills and abilities that will allow you to defend your legal rights. Unfortunately, not all participants in criminal proceedings can do this on their own. It is in these cases that professional lawyers come to the rescue.

Most often, a lawyer acts as a defender in criminal proceedings. This is regulated by current Ukrainian legislation (part one of Article 45 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine).

It is best to involve a lawyer in the case at the stage of pre-trial investigation.

This is a guarantee of obtaining the best result. As for the defense of a criminal lawyer in court, this is one of the most important stages of a criminal case. Among other things, the court at this stage examines the evidence presented by the defense and the prosecution. That is why the preparation period is of priority importance. The final outcome of the case will largely depend on him.


Among the main activities of a criminal lawyer in court:

  • Consulting the client.
  • Finding and researching evidence.
  • Presence during search and other procedural actions.
  • Representation in court.
  • Preparation and submission of documents for appeal of court decisions.


How much do the services of a criminal lawyer cost?

A criminal lawyer plays a very important role in court. Prykhodko and Partners specialists will make all necessary efforts during the court session to acquit the accused or significantly reduce the sentence.

As for the cost of the services of a criminal lawyer, it is calculated individually based on the following components:

  • Attorney's fees.
  • Additional costs (calculated for each specific case).

The key to our long-term success is high professionalism and an individual approach to each case.
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