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How much do accountant services cost?

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Depending on the form of ownership, type of activity and volume of work, the cost of accounting services may differ significantly. Let's consider how much the services of an accountant in Ukraine cost for different categories of enterprises.

The cost of an accountant's services for a sole proprietorship

Individual entrepreneurs, as a rule, need the simplest accounting services. The cost of keeping records for a sole proprietorship depends on the taxation system, the number of types of activities and the volume of operations. Prices on the Ukrainian market are as follows:

  • Single tax (group 1-3) - from UAH 1,500/month
  • The general taxation system - from UAH 3,000/month

Calculate the cost of an accountant for a FOP

The price of accountant services for LLC

Limited liability companies have a more complex accounting and reporting system. The cost of accounting support depends on the number of operations, the availability of fixed assets, employees, and the specifics of the activity. Estimated prices for accounting services for LLC:

  • Small businesses (up to 10 operations per month) - from UAH 3,000/month
  • Medium enterprises - from UAH 5,000/month
  • Large enterprises - from UAH 10,000/month

How much does an accountant cost remotely

Recently, the possibility of hiring a remote accountant is gaining more and more popularity. This allows you to save on office costs and attract specialists from any region of the country. The cost of the services of a remote accountant may be slightly lower, but it depends on the same factors.

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, services for opening/closing an enterprise, liquidation of a sole proprietorship, submitting reports to regulatory authorities, etc. can be paid for separately.

Calculate the cost of accounting remotely

Outsource accounting services as an alternative

Outsourcing can be a more profitable solution for business. This model provides for the transfer of accounting and tax accounting to a specialized company.

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Advantages of the book. service by an outsourcing company:

  • Savings on the salary of a full-time accountant and taxes on the payroll fund.
  • No need to rent additional office space.
  • Access to highly qualified specialists without additional training costs.
  • Mobility and flexibility when changing the scope of work or the specifics of the activity.
  • Reliability in terms of absence of vacations, sick leave and forced absences.
  • Focusing on the main business without being distracted by accounting issues.

The cost of outsourcing accounting services can be lower than retaining an in-house accountant, especially for smaller companies.

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