How do officials declare money and property to the NAPC?

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How do officials declare money and property to the NAPC?

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In Ukraine, state employees must provide full information about their income, property and other financial interests. On October 12, 2023, the Law on the Restoration of Declaration entered into force, in parallel with which the declaration campaign for the years 2021-2022 began, which will last until January 31, 2024. Filling out the declaration can be difficult and require special attention to detail, so if you need to declare money and property to the NACP, contact the lawyers of "Prikhodko and Partners" for help.

What monetary and property assets must be indicated in the NACP declaration?

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP) declares a variety of financial information and data related to the income, property and financial interests of public officials and their family members. The main information to be declared includes:

  • Income and monetary assets:

Information on all types of income received during the reporting period, including salary, fees, dividends, interest, income from business activities and others.

It is important to note that incomes are declared regardless of their size, with the exception of monetary gifts.

If the total value of all monetary assets of the person submitting the declaration or members of his family at the end of the reporting period does not exceed fifty minimum wages, such assets do not need to be indicated in the declaration. This is done to simplify the declaration process and take into account the level of a person's financial assets.

  • Property:

Information about immovable and movable assets such as houses, apartments, cars, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, jewelry, etc. It may also include other values that are relevant to determining a person's financial status.

  • Financial obligations:

Information about any loans, credits, debts or other financial obligations that the person has at the time of declaration.

  • Transactions and gifts:

Data on any financial transactions that occurred during the reporting period, as well as gifts received by the person. If a person received a monetary gift from one person or a group of persons, the amount of which exceeds five PM during the year, then this gift must be indicated in the declaration.

How to correctly declare money and property?

The declaration process is a key step to ensure transparency and compliance in the public service. In order to correctly fill out the declaration, the official should follow certain steps and recommendations.

  1. Preparation of documents: The first step in filling out the declaration is the preparation of all the necessary documents certifying the income and property of the civil servant. These can be income declarations, bank statements, real estate appraisals and other documents related to financial status. Information about income can be obtained in the electronic cabinet on the website of the DPS of Ukraine and on the portal for the provision of electronic services of the PF of Ukraine.
  2. Filling out the declaration: The official must carefully fill out a special declaration about income, expenses, assets and liabilities. This declaration is provided to the NACP in electronic form on their website. All fields must be filled in truthfully and completely.
  3. Submission of information: The official must provide all requested information in the declaration. This includes income from various sources such as salary, investments, rent, business profits, etc.
  4. Signing and submitting the declaration: After filling out the declaration and adding all the documents, the official must sign it with an electronic digital key and submit it to the NACP within the established time frame.
  5. Checking and approving the declaration: After submission, NACP checks the declaration for compliance with the legislation on the declaration of income and property of officials. Upon completion of the verification, the declaration may be approved or require additional information.
  6. Adherence to deadlines: It is important to adhere to all deadlines for submitting a declaration and providing additional information, established by NACP, in order to avoid fines and other negative consequences.

Filling out the declaration can take a lot of time and effort. Contacting the lawyers of the legal company "Prikhodko and Partners" will make the process as efficient and fast as possible, will help avoid delays in submitting the declaration and fulfilling all the necessary requirements. Engaging a lawyer to help you fill out the declaration is an investment in your own calm and transparent activity, which will contribute to maintaining high standards of trust and responsibility in society.

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