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 The issue of deductions from wages in the order of payment of a single social contribution is relevant in modern conditions. Firstly, it worries the employer, who is obliged to pay a single social contribution, and secondly, it is important for the employee, because it is he who calculates the insurance period.

 Insurance length of service is a period of time (period) during which the employee was paid an insurance contribution to the Pension Fund. This term appeared in 2004 and replaced another term – length of service. In essence, the insurance period is the same length of service, but within which the payment of a single social contribution.

 This issue is regulated by the provisions of the Law of Ukraine On the collection and accounting of a single contribution to the obligatory state social insurance № 2464-VI of 08.07.2010. According to Article 1 of the above-mentioned Law, SDRs mean a consolidated, regular, compulsory insurance premium paid to ensure the protection of the rights of insured persons.

  SDR payers are:

  • employers;
  • natural persons-entrepreneurs;
  • persons engaged in independent professional activity;
  • members of the farm;
  • persons on a voluntary basis;
  • central executive bodies.

 For an employee, length of service is important, first of all, for obtaining a number of social guarantees, as well as for the appointment of a pension.

  How to find out your insurance record?

 Don’t worry, this is not a complicated procedure. Information on insurance experience is contained in the certificate on the form OK 7, which is received on request to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. Certificate OK 7 contains information about the actual amounts from which the insurance premium was paid, as well as information about the insurance period. The information is provided to either the employee or the employer.

 There are 2 ways to get:

1. Submit a written application to the Pension Fund at your location in person or by letter.
2. In the remote form to submit a request signed by an electronic digital signature.

 If everything is clear with the first option, then the second option has features. First of all, you should log in to the pension office on the portal of electronic services on the website of the Pension Fund at the link https://portal.pfu.gov.ua/ Then you need to apply for an application form OK 7. The answer will be provided within 5 minutes. The certificate generated in the pension office has the same legal force as the certificate with the seal and signature, as the former meets all the requirements of the electronic document.

 However, few people use the e-office of the Pension Fund, using the usual procedure for applying to government agencies. The Pension Fund’s website is far from perfect, but it is extremely easy to get various references, including OK 7 forms.

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