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HOW AND WHICH RSO (registrar of settlement operations) TO CHOOSE?

From January 1, the registrar of settlement operations (RSO) should be in most businesses, including sole proprietors who are at risk. Therefore, it is worth preparing in advance. So let’s analyze how to install RRO and what they are.

RSO is of two types:

  • stationary (as a terminal);
  • software (PRSO).

So which one to choose: stationary or software? It all depends on the field of activity.

If you have a restaurant – stationary is more convenient. However, software is cheaper. Therefore, it is suitable for online stores, services.
RSO are different. RSO from the tax, which is concise, simple and free, but without additional features.

In time. Cash register that works both from the browser of the PC, and the tablet. Here you can take the opportunity to integrate with 1c. Smart. The cash register is both a software and a stationary cash register. It is a solution for online outlets and services, and online stores. In it you can take the opportunity to install an application to analyze sales, frequency of payments, efficiency.

We will also analyze the RSO registration algorithm:

  • Choose an RRO model, buy and sign a contract with a service center (the company that will install your RSO, check the seals);
    Submission of the Application for registration of RSO form 1-RSO;
  • Within 2 days you will receive a Certificate of reservation of the fiscal number of the 2-PSO form;
  • Contact the service center to install and configure the RSO. Upon completion, the service center transmits the information to the tax office;
  • Obtain a 3-RSO Registration Certificate with all the information about your device.

Regarding the ABM, the registration algorithm is as follows:

  • Submission of the Notification on objects of taxation or objects connected with taxation or through which activity of the form 20-ОПП is carried out, with indication of the address of shop or your activity;
  • Submission of the Application for registration of software registrars of settlement operations of the form 1-PRRO. Here are the name of your store, address, name of the PRSO;
  • PRSO is assigned a unique fiscal number, which can be viewed in the Payer’s credentials tab;
  • Submission of a Notice on the provision of information on qualified / improved public key certificates used in the PRSO form 5-PRSO. If the FOP itself works, you need to specify it. If there are cashiers – indicate them accordingly.

In fact, registering an RSO or PRSO does not take much time or effort, so you need to know the information and decide which device you will use from the beginning of 2022. We do not recommend working without RSOs, as this may lead to inspections and penalties. In addition, we recommend following the changes in the legislation over the next two months, as there are several initiatives to change the rules for the use of registrars of settlement transactions.

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