Фото: How and how much does it cost to renew an apartment in Ukraine?

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How and how much does it cost to renew an apartment in Ukraine?

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The legislation of Ukraine provides for a mandatory procedure for the legalization of real estate objects. Otherwise, you will not be able to carry out any operation with your house or apartment. For example, even a sales contract without a legalization procedure will have the status of an ordinary piece of paper. You will not be able to carry out reconstruction, refurbish your own apartment, officially rent or sell real estate. In this article, our experts, real estate lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will tell you how and how much it costs to redecorate an apartment in Ukraine.


What affects the cost of remodeling an apartment?

Both the seller and the buyer can pay for reregistration of the apartment. Normatively, this issue has not been settled. Therefore, arrangements are made individually. In some cases, re-registration of an apartment can be carried out on the basis of the inheritance or donation procedure.

The price of re-registration of the apartment is formed on the basis of:

  • Notary services. A notary can be both public and private.
  • Taxes.
  • State customs.
  • Works of housing appraisers.

The final cost will depend on each of the above factors. For example, the price policy of notaries can differ significantly.

Redesignation of an apartment in Ukraine

It is also important if the property belongs to apartments in new buildings or the secondary market. For example, the cost of remodeling an apartment in new buildings will be more expensive. Also, a lot depends on where exactly the house is located (in an elite area or not, in the center or in the suburbs).

In addition, the cost of re-registration depends on the value of the property. State customs duty is 1% of the total price of the apartment.

Thus, the cost of the apartment is calculated individually for each specific case.


Variants of real estate deals

Today, there are various schemes for concluding agreements related to real estate objects. Among them, the most popular are:

  • Buying/selling
  • Rent
  • Will and donation.

In addition to the standard contract, each of the above procedures has certain features. Depending on the form in which the agreement will be concluded, it is possible to get not only a reduction in the cost of re-registration of the apartment, but also problems with potential owners of the apartment. Real estate lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will be able to protect you from controversial issues and arrange everything correctly.

Services of a lawyer on re-registration of an apartment

The next issue that should be paid attention to is the package of documents required for re-registration of an apartment in Ukraine. To carry out the procedure, you will need:

  • Contract of sale or gift.
  • Certificate of ownership and right of inheritance.
  • Personal documents (passports, personal identity cards, etc.).
  • Copies of a statement from a personal bank account and a household book.

After all the necessary documents have been collected, you will need to contact the representatives of the State Registration Service. The next stage is to fill out an application and submit a package of documents.

After that, you have to wait some time for the submitted application and documents to be considered. After accepting all the documents, you will be issued a Certificate of ownership of the real estate.

After receiving the Certificate, other documents will need to be updated. We are talking about the purchase agreement, lease agreement, insurance policies, etc.

Real estate specialists Prykhodko and Partners will help to significantly simplify the procedure for re-registration of an apartment. We value your personal time! You will not need to spend it on red tape.
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