Фото: Guardianship of a person over 80 years old 2023

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Guardianship of a person over 80 years old 2023

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Guardianship of the elderly over 80 years of age is an important aspect of providing and providing social assistance to the population from a democratic and legal state.

With its help, elderly people, people with chronic diseases, and other problems associated with the onset of old age can get the necessary support.

In recent years, Ukraine has seen a tendency to increase the length of a person's life, which, in turn, makes the topic of guardianship more relevant in society.

In this article, we will consider the peculiarities of establishing guardianship over a person over 80 years old in Ukraine.

What does caring for an elderly person entail?

Caring for an elderly person involves providing the necessary help, support and care to ensure their physical and psychological well-being.

Today, there are two main types of guardianship in Ukraine:

  • that which is carried out in full and is intended for people who have been recognized by the court as incompetent;
  • that which is carried out in the form of patronage. In such a case, a contract is concluded with the person in which the terms of guardianship are prescribed.

Who can be a guardian?

The legislation of Ukraine specifies that a guardian can be a person who has reached the age of majority, i.e. 18 years of age, and is capable of legal action.

However, there are also certain restrictions regarding persons who want to be guardians. The following persons cannot be guardians:

  • who have serious diseases (for example, open form of tuberculosis 1-2 stage);
  • who have physical injuries that led to the receipt of disability of the first group;
  • who were deprived of parental rights voluntarily or due to a court decision;
  • who have signs of alcohol or drug addiction;
  • who have an outstanding criminal record, etc.

However, if you still plan to take care of an elderly person, you will need to undergo a medical examination and special preparatory courses.

What list of documents must be collected in order to issue guardianship?

After a person who has reached a respectable age is recognized by the court as incompetent, the person who wishes to establish guardianship over him should apply to the guardianship and guardianship authorities.

A typical list of documents that should be addressed in general consists of:

  • a statement indicating that you wish to be a guardian;
  • a decision on the incapacity of a person issued by a court;
  • copies of passports of both the future guardian and the person over whom it is planned to establish guardianship;
  • certificates certifying the composition of the guardian's family, as well as the person over whom it is planned to establish guardianship;
  • documents that can confirm the fact of family ties;
  • health and criminal record certificates.

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