Group beating of a person Article 121 of the Criminal Code

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Group beating of a person Article 121 of the Criminal Code

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Group beating of a person is a serious violation of public order and basic rights and freedoms of citizens. Ukrainian criminal legislation, in particular Article 121 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (CCU), defines this type of crime and establishes responsibility for its commission. In this article, we will look at what exactly is considered a group beating, how it is regulated by law, and how to protect your rights in case of being accused of this crime.


What exactly is considered a group beating of a person in Ukraine?

Group beating is a form of physical influence, which is not committed by one person, but by a group of persons acting jointly and in concert.

Signs of gang-battering include actual physical impact, which may manifest as punching, maiming, beating, and other forms of violence. This type of crime is important to note not only because of the act of violence itself, but also because of the joint and coordinated activity of a group of people aimed at inflicting bodily harm on the victim.

It is important to emphasize that for an event to be recognized as a group assault, it is necessary that the participants act together, using joint physical force to cause harm to another person. This separates group beating from other forms of physical violence and makes it a special crime that carries certain criminal consequences according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Group beating of a person Article 121 of the Criminal Code - urb 0301

Group beating of a person in Ukraine: what does the law provide?

According to the Criminal Code, participants in group beatings can be imprisoned for a period of three to eight years. If a group beating is committed with the help of a weapon or other object intended to inflict bodily harm, the maximum term of punishment may be increased to 10 years of imprisonment.

Note that the law provides for liability not only for the act of group beating itself, but also for the organization or facilitation of such a crime. Thus, persons who actively participate in the planning and execution of a group beating may also be subject to criminal liability.


Punishment for group beating can be serious and includes imprisonment, which indicates the serious degree of social danger of this crime in the eyes of the law. If you are charged with gang battery, it is important to seek legal help quickly and use the services of a qualified attorney to properly defend yourself in court.

Group beating of a person Article 121 of the Criminal Code - urb 9479

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