Grounds for demobilization

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Grounds for demobilization

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Demobilization is the process of disbanding or withdrawing military personnel from military service at the end of their term of service, at the end of military conflicts, or in other cases when military service becomes unnecessary. This means the return of persons who served in military formations to civilian status and everyday life. Demobilization is an important stage for military personnel as it allows them to return to civilian life and integrate into civilian society.

Grounds for demobilization - information desk

So, what are the grounds for the demobilization of mobilized servicemen?

Thus, in Ukraine, one of the main reasons for demobilization is the health of a serviceman. The conclusion (resolution) of the military medical commission on unfitness for military service with exclusion or with revision in wartime may be the basis for the dismissal of a serviceman.

  • Dismissal at the end of the maximum age of service.
  • In connection with the entry into legal force of a guilty verdict of the court, which imposed punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty, restriction of liberty or deprivation of a military rank
  • Due to family circumstances, which can be divided into several categories, for example:


Those related to children: when a serviceman raises them independently, and this is confirmed by relevant documents about the absence of the mother or the deprivation of her parental rights, or has three or more children to support, which can be confirmed by officially paid alimony, a certificate of no debt and other individually determined documents, since the child is seriously ill and his illness is included in the list of illnesses for which a serviceman is entitled to discharge. In this regard, it is necessary to emphasize that this disease must be confirmed by a document issued by the medical advisory board of the health care institution in accordance with the procedure and according to the established form.

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And accordingly, the reasons for which female servicemen can resign are: pregnancy and those who are on leave to take care of a child.

Those related to the disability of relatives, namely a mother, father, child or wife or wife’s parents. As well as other disabled persons of groups 1-2. This reason must be confirmed by the MSEK certificate and the corresponding certificate.

Those related to care: when a serviceman is the only person who can care for a person who needs constant care. Here, a large package of documents will be required for dismissal, given the family circumstances.

And those reasons that relate to the death of family members who were military personnel, but died during the defense of the homeland.


If you have decided to resign due to your health, but you do not have a conclusion, your health is deteriorating, but you do not know what to do and where to start. Do not hesitate, sign up for a consultation and start doing this business today.

In practice, the release process is somewhat complicated, and depending on the military units, the time varies. Remember that each situation is individual, so the approach of our specialists is tailored to your request and needs and initial data.

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