Grants to support medium and large processing enterprises from USAID

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Grants to support medium and large processing enterprises from USAID

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Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, grants from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have become an important spectrum of aid to support Ukraine's economy and young entrepreneurs.

However, today not everyone has the physical opportunity to monitor the relevance of grant programs from USAID, which makes it impossible for potential candidates to participate in the competition for winning grant funds. What is the relevance of the chosen topic for today?

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the features of the USAID grant program to support medium and large processing enterprises.

What is the purpose of the grant program?

The main goal of the grant program is to support Ukrainian medium and large processing enterprises in the conduct of their economic activities, which helps to significantly expand and modernize the ready-made model of already existing production, as well as to create products with an innovative component.

In addition, within the framework of the grant program, it is planned to necessarily create new jobs in Ukraine and increase the sale of various goods both on the domestic market of the country and on the foreign market to overcome the challenges of the war and thus support the economy of the country as a whole.

Who is the grant program for?

As part of the grant program, support is planned for medium-sized and large processing enterprises with more than 100 employees and an annual turnover of at least UAH 200 million.

In addition, the activities of such enterprises should contribute to the expansion and modernization of already existing production, and the creation of new products containing an innovative component to be able to create new jobs and increase the sales of various goods of the enterprise.

Ukrainian processing enterprises in this context should be understood as those legal entities whose main activities are: the production of packaging materials, the food industry, mechanical engineering and metalworking, textiles, and products for restoration and reconstruction.

What is the estimated amount of grants?

The grant program provides for the creation of 30 grants, the amount of which will vary from USD 150,000 to USD 500,000, depending on the scope of the company's activities and the final agreements with grant providers. In addition, priority will be given to submitted applications when the grantee independently plans to contribute to the development of his enterprise from 30% to 50% of the total grant budget.

Also, it is worth noting that the submitted applications from grantees must clearly explain one of the following criteria, namely:

  • How many employed people will work at the enterprise, taking into account full-time and part-time employment, as well as the distribution of jobs for women, men, and IDPs;
  • If grant support is provided to the enterprise, by what amount will the value of additional sales increase (must be specified in USD);
  • What is the number of enterprises that have expanded their export markets with the help of funding from USAID;
  • If grant support will be provided, what is the amount of the company's investment in the development of the legal entity (must be specified in USD)?

What is the deadline for submitting applications for the grant program?

Until March 8, 2024, potential grantees can apply for the grant program.

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