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Grants for women

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In today's world, initiatives to support women in various spheres of life are gaining more and more importance.

One of the important tools that helps to implement this support is grant programs.

They not only contribute to the development of women's entrepreneurship and professional growth but also open up new opportunities for self-realization and improvement in selected areas.

Below we will consider the essence of micro-grants, explain why some funds actively support projects aimed at the development of women's entrepreneurship and self-realization, provide examples of actual grants for women in Ukraine, and also share useful tips for successfully obtaining a grant.

What are microgrants?

Microgrants - these are relatively small amounts of money (on average equivalent to 5-10 thousand euros) that are provided to individuals or non-profit organizations for the implementation of a specific project or initiative.

Usually, these grants have a limited amount of funding, but at the same time, they can have a significant impact on the development of communities and the support of innovative ideas.

Why do some foundations have many grant programs to support women in particular?

There are several reasons why foundations actively support women's initiatives through grant programs:

  1. Promotion of gender equality. Much of the world continues to face inequality between men and women in various areas of life. Grants for women create opportunities to reduce this inequality by promoting women's entrepreneurship, education, science, and other fields.
  2. Support for the development of society. Women are an important part of any society. Investing in them contributes to the development not only of individuals but also of the entire society as a whole through the creation of new jobs, the development of the economy, and innovation.
  3. Business support. Women's entrepreneurship has great potential for economic growth. Grants help women realize their entrepreneurial ideas, launch their businesses, and ensure their further development.

Examples of actual grants for women in Ukraine

  1. Grants for the development of women's entrepreneurship from the Fund "Women's Opportunities in Ukraine".
  • Grant amount: up to UAH 120,000
  • Features:
    • Grants are provided to women entrepreneurs registered and operating in Ukraine.
    • Financing can be used for the purchase of equipment, rent of premises, marketing campaigns, and other needs related to business development.
  1. Grants to support women's public organizations from the Ukrainian Women's Fund.
  • Grant amount: up to UAH 200,000
  • Features:
    • Grants are awarded to women's public organizations working on projects aimed at empowering women.
    • Funding can be used for training, information campaigns, advocacy events, and other programs.
  1. Grants for the development of STEM education for girls from L'Oréal-UNESCO "For Women in Science".
  • Grant amount: 5,000 euros
  • Features:
    • Grants are awarded to young scientists working in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
    • Funding can be used for conducting scientific research, and participation in conferences and other scientific events.
  1. Grants to support women's leadership from the Foundation of the "Mondelis Ukraine" Corporation.
  • Grant amount: up to UAH 100,000
  • Features:
    • Grants are awarded to women leaders who implement projects aimed at developing communities and improving people's lives.
    • Funding can be used for training, information campaigns, advocacy events, and other programs.

Algorithm for receiving grants for women

  1. Decide on your goals.
  • What do you want to achieve with the grant?
  • What impact will your project have on the community?
  1. Find suitable grants.
  • There are hundreds of grants available to women.
  • Our experts will select the best grant options for you.
  1. Read the terms of the grant carefully.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements.
  • Pay attention to the application deadline.
  1. Prepare a strong application.
  • Your application should be written and convincing.
  • Make sure you are clear about your goals, methods, and budget.
  1. Apply for a grant.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the grant announcement.
  • Make sure you apply before the deadline.
  1. Be patient. Grant applications can take several weeks or even months to be processed.

With the help of our specialists

Our team of specialists has many years of experience in the field of obtaining grants and supporting women's initiatives.

We are ready to provide you with individual consultation on the preparation of a project application, help in drawing up a strategy for attracting funding, and provide recommendations on optimizing your project for the maximum probability of success.

We understand that the process of obtaining a grant can be complex and requires a lot of preparation from you. Therefore, we are ready to become your partners on this path, helping you step by step to reach your goal and turn your idea into reality.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions - we are always ready to stand by your side on your way to success.

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