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Grants for small business

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Small business in any country plays a significant role in the development of the economy because everyone can become a private entrepreneur and start his own business.

However, citizens are usually looking for additional means to open their own businesses by attracting funds from various organizations in the form of grants.

That is why the topic of grant programs for small businesses is more popular than ever.

In this informative article, we will talk about current grants for small businesses that exist in Ukraine.

What grants for small businesses exist in Ukraine?

  • Grant program "Own business”.

This grant from the state is primarily aimed at supporting small businesses and creating new jobs for Ukrainians. The terms of the grant program provide that citizens can receive financing in the amount of 75,000 to 250,000 hryvnias.

The number of new jobs to be created depends on the final amount of the grant received. It is worth noting that 75,000 hryvnias under this program can be received by persons who only register an FOP, while there is no need to create jobs;

  • Grant program "For veterans and their family members”.

This grant is also a program from the state aimed at supporting defenders of Ukraine for their harmonious return to civilian life among other citizens. Under this grant program, veterans, participants in hostilities, as well as their wives and husbands can receive monetary funding in the amount of UAH 250,000 to UAH 1 million.

If the grant recipient receives funds from UAH 500,000 to UAH 1 million, the grant program covers only 70% of project costs, the other 30% must be contributed by the individual;

  • Grant program "Trajectory”.

This grant is aimed at providing basic knowledge, practical advice, and financial support to entrepreneurs who are just planning to create their own small business.

The following citizens can participate in the program:

  • veterans (persons who have the status of UBD);
  • military personnel (persons who directly participated in the defense of Ukraine against the Russian Federation);
  • official wives and husbands of these citizens.

The program foresees a total of 50 winners, each of whom will be able to receive financing in the amount of UAH 100,000.

  • Grant program from the international organization Mercy Corps.

This grant is aimed at supporting the recovery of small and medium-sized businesses affected by the war. The main condition for receiving funding is that the grantee will have to create at least 3 jobs for IDPs or citizens affected by the war.

The selection of potential candidates will be carried out according to the following criteria, namely:

  • presenting a clear argument as to why the business needs help;
  • the candidate's business ideas must be in line with the overall goals of the program;
  • business ideas should eventually lead to the recovery of the enterprise and increase its profits;
  • relevant business experience;
  • the candidate's business reputation must be impeccable.

The amount of funding under this grant program is 20,000 USD.

 Do you still have questions about current grant programs for small businesses?

In such a case help from the Prikhodko and Partners law firm will be more appropriate than ever.

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Head of grants and investment attraction department

Specialist in finding and receiving grants, developing business plans and attracting investments for businesses and public organizations

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