Grant competition for small business support

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Grant competition for small business support

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Grant programs during the full-scale war in Ukraine with the Russian Federation became one of the most effective mechanisms for supporting existing businesses or encouraging the creation of new ones.

This is explained by the fact that with the help of grants, private entrepreneurs can attract additional financing for the development of their own businesses, create jobs, pay taxes to the state, and overcome the crisis in the country’s market economy much more effectively.

That is why consideration of popular grant programs is an extremely relevant topic today.

In this article, we will talk about the grant competition for small business support from the French non-governmental organization Acted.

Grant competition for small business support - brainstorming workshop

What is the main goal of the program?

The main goal of the grant program is to help institutions, enterprises, and organizations affected by the war in Ukraine, the heads of which are women or the majority of employees are women, to increase their economic security and provide opportunities for self-realization.

The assistance may consist of restoring the full-fledged operation of the enterprise, expanding its production capabilities, and creating the appropriate number of jobs.

Importantly! This grant program applies only to the Vinnytsia, Odesa, and Chernihiv regions of Ukraine. Grant priority will be given to enterprises located not in regional centers, but in rural or mixed rural-urban areas of these regions.

Who can be a participant in the grant program?

The grantor provides that displaced or local enterprises subject to classification as small enterprises can apply for the grant program:

  • before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine in February 2022;
  • at the time of submitting an application for the grant program;
  • potentially subject to receiving a grant from Acted.

In addition, legal entities wishing to apply for the grant program must have the appropriate organizational and legal form, namely:

  • Individual entrepreneur- taxation group is not taken into account;
  • Private enterprises and their associations;
  • LLC;
  • Associations and groups of individual entrepreneurs must have joint activities that complement each other among their members, as well as a single leader recognized by all members (women will be preferred).

Importantly! As part of the grant program, assistance will be provided for the following types of economic activity: retail trade; hotel and restaurant business; processing of various products, including agricultural products; production of food products; production of both ceramic products and textile products, and many others. 

What amount can be received under the grant program?

The amount of receiving grant funds is up to 400 thousand hryvnias.

What is the deadline for applications? 

Until December 22, 2023 (inclusive), potential participants of the grant program can apply. Applications submitted after the specified date will not be considered.

If you want to participate in the described grant program but do not know the nuances of filling out all the necessary documents, contact the Prikhodko and Partners law company.

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