Giving a bribe is the responsibility and price of a lawyer’s help in court

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Giving a bribe is the responsibility and price of a lawyer’s help in court

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Bribery is a rather complex concept. It covers independent, but, at the same time, interconnected crimes, namely: receiving a bribe, giving a bribe, provocation of a bribe (Articles 368, 369, 370 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). All these crimes have a common object, subject, content and character. However, receiving a bribe is considered the most dangerous form of bribery. If you need a lawyer's help in a bribery case, lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will be able to provide you with appropriate professional services. Our lawyers in criminal cases significantly minimize liability under Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine — offering or giving a bribe.

Legislative framework of the issue

To begin with, we note that Ukrainian legislation does not contain a definition of the term "bribe". It was replaced by the phrase "unjustified benefit". According to articles 368-370 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, unlawful benefit consists in providing valuables, money, services to public servants with the aim of obtaining the desired result: illegal actions/inaction/obtaining certain preferences.

Modern criminal legislation divides the categories of persons who give and accept bribes. All parties to the offense are subject to criminal prosecution.

let's look at it in more detail on the basis of Article 369 of the Criminal Code — offering or giving a bribe. According to this article, the following liability arises for giving a bribe:

  1. For offering a bribe - a fine of up to 250 NMDG.
  2. Bribery - restriction of freedom for up to 5 years. In the presence of such aggravating circumstances as repeated commission of the offense, according to a previous conspiracy, by a group of persons - imprisonment for a term of up to 10 years with confiscation of property.

Important: in some cases, the person who offered or gave the bribe is released from responsibility. We are talking about cases when a bribe was demanded or a person voluntarily admitted to giving a bribe to an official.

Assistance of professional lawyers in the bribery case

The lawyers of our law office have the necessary theoretical knowledge and many years of practical experience in protecting the interests of the rights of persons who are suspected or accused of committing corrupt acts related to the giving of bribes. We provide quality legal services at all stages of the case:

  • Consultancy.
  • Filing of complaints, statements, petitions.
  • Discovery of additional evidence that can prove the person's innocence.
  • Search for witnesses.
  • Formation of a properly constructed defense strategy.
  • Protection of the suspect's interests in court.

Our lawyers will definitely find out all the circumstances of the case, which will help to refute the suspicion of giving a bribe. We will analyze all the evidence of the prosecution in terms of its admissibility and propriety. Such actions will allow to exclude or mitigate criminal responsibility.

We will help you defend your honor and dignity, prove your innocence or the absence of a crime. Your best decision is to entrust this matter to real professionals - Prykhodko and Partners lawyers. Our bribery lawyers provide services to clients on the basis of a legal aid agreement. The cost of the services of Prykhodko and Partners specialists is formed on the basis of the services provided: writing petitions, statements, participation in investigative experiments, interrogations, court hearings, etc.

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