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Financial monitoring

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Financial monitoring is a system of measures aimed at preventing and detecting financial transactions related to terrorism and other crimes. This system operates in Ukraine in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention and Counteraction of Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds of Crime, Financing of Terrorism and Financing of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction".

Financial monitoring in Ukraine is carried out by the National Bank of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine, the SBU, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and other bodies.


How to respond to requests from Finmonitoring

Finmonitoring's request is a document that specifies what information must be provided. The request can be in written or electronic form.In order to respond to Finmonitoring's request, you need:

  • Receive the request and read its content.
  • Find out exactly what documents and information are necessary to answer the request.
  • Prepare a response to the request within the specified time frame.

The response to Finmonitoring's request must be complete and reliable. In the answer, you must specify all the necessary information, as well as indicate whether you have additional information that may be useful for Finmonitoring.

How to prepare documents for Finmonitoring

Here are some tips on how to prepare documents for Finmonitoring:

  • Get acquainted with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and the Finmonitoring authorities for the preparation of documents. You can find these requirements in regulatory acts, as well as on the websites of Finmonitoring bodies.
  • Make sure the documents contain all the necessary information. You can contact a financial monitoring specialist for advice.
  • Sign documents by authorized persons. Authorized persons must be specified in the founding documents of the subject of primary financial monitoring.

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For effective work with Finmonitoring, you need:

  • Create an internal control system that will ensure compliance with the requirements of the legislation on financial monitoring.
  • Train employees on financial monitoring.
  • Develop procedures for responding to requests from Finmonitoring.

Practical casesFor example, the company received a request from Finmonitoring to provide information about a client who opened an account at the bank. The request states that the client is a resident of Ukraine, and his activity is related to trade.

In order to respond to the request, the company needs to receive the client's credit history and account opening protocol. These documents can be obtained from the bank where the client's account is opened.

In addition, the enterprise can obtain additional information about the client, for example, from open sources, such as the register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

If you have any questions about working with Finmonitoring, you can contact specialists with experience in financial monitoring. A specialist can provide you with advice and help in solving your problems.

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