Extract of criminal record

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Extract of criminal record

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Ukraine, like many other countries, pays great attention to the legal status of citizens. One of the key aspects of this status is the issue of a person's criminal record. A certificate of criminal record, as a document confirming the absence of criminal records of a citizen for a certain period of time, becomes an important element in many life situations, from finding a job to going abroad. If you need to get an extract about the absence of a criminal record, contact the experienced specialists of the Prikhodko and Partners law firm.

What is a criminal record certificate and why do you need it?

An extract about the absence of a criminal record, formerly a certificate of a criminal record (full name - Extract from the information and analytical system "Accounting of information on bringing a person to criminal responsibility and the presence of a criminal record") is a paper or electronic document that contains current information about a person, in particular about the presence of criminal liability, convictions and being wanted on the territory of Ukraine.

You may need a certificate of criminal record in the following cases:

  1. When searching for a job.
  2. During the preparation of documents for departure abroad.
  3. When drawing up documents for adoption or establishing guardianship.
  4. During participation in tenders and contests.
  5. When applying for citizenship or a residence permit.
  6. When obtaining a permit for the purchase and possession of weapons.
  7. When submitting documents to banks and other institutions.

Where and how to get a criminal record statement?

There are two ways to get an extract:

  • offline (by contacting the territorial service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in person/through an authorized person);
  • online (submit an application on the website of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine after verification).

Importantly! To receive this service, you need to fill out a request and present an identity document. Also, if you are outside Ukraine, you can get this document by contacting the embassy or consulate.

What to do if the statement was refused?

Reasons for refusing to provide the document may be: the person did not specify the purpose of receiving the information; the information about the person specified in the electronic request differs from the details of the signer specified in the electronic digital signature; the request does not contain a specific type of requested information; submitted on behalf of a person who is not identified or without appropriate authority, as well as in the case of incomplete information in the request.

If you believe that you have been unjustifiably refused a certificate of criminal record, you can appeal this refusal, for this you need to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine or the district administrative court with the appropriate package of documents.

How can we help?

  • Advice and consultation: Prikhodko & Partners attorney can provide you with detailed advice on the procedure for obtaining a criminal record, explain all the requirements and outline possible alternative ways to resolve your situation.
  • Representation in government institutions: If difficulties arise during the procedure for obtaining an extract, a lawyer can act as your representative and protect your interests.
  • Resolving legal issues: If situations arise related to your past, a lawyer can help you resolve them and provide the necessary legal support.
  • Appealing the denial of a criminal record: In the event of a criminal record denial or other legal issues related to the procedure, a lawyer can help you prepare appeals or other legal actions to protect your rights.

The assistance of a lawyer from Prikhodko and Partners can greatly facilitate the process of obtaining a clean record and provide you with the necessary legal support and protection in all aspects of this procedure.

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