Express tax audit. Accounting outsourcing

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Express tax audit. Accounting outsourcing

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The domestic tax legislation contains quite a few fines for violations of accounting and financial reporting of the enterprise. Even the slightest inaccuracy can lead to the legal entity being held liable.

For this, every business owner is interested in ensuring that such situations do not arise in practice. And for this, it is necessary to conduct a periodic internal audit for compliance with tax legislation and accounting.

Of course, you can try to conduct such checks yourself, but it is not always effective, because there is no new perspective on the situation.

In such cases, it is advisable to use the services of an express tax audit.

An express tax audit is a quick and reliable check of a business entity for compliance with accounting, tax legislation, and reporting.

The involvement of third-party specialists is an opportunity to identify errors and inaccuracies in the documentation, because they have no interest in hiding them, unlike internal employees.

The time limit for tax express audit

The term of the express audit depends on the amount of information to be checked. In some cases, it can take from one to several days. And the owner of the enterprise will have complete and true information about the company's work.

Purpose of tax express audit

  • Identification of previously made mistakes in tax documentation and the possibility of their effective correction and elimination
  • Avoiding liability for submitting incorrect tax information and reporting

The task of conducting an express tax audit

  1. Independent collection of data on the results of the enterprise's economic activity for a certain period
  2. Comparison of the submitted information to the controlling authorities with the actual audit results
  3. Recommendations for further work and analysis of mistakes made

Advantages of involving an external auditor in the audit

  • Confidence in the reliability of the inspection. There is no need for a third party to keep silent about discovered inaccuracies and shortcomings
  • Quick deadline for conducting an express tax audit
  • Privacy and Security Guarantees. The customer can be sure that information about the company's work will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Development of effective advice and recommendations that will help to avoid errors discovered in the future

Value of express tax audit for the company

When conducting regular express checks, the business can work confidently and calmly, because there is no need to worry about the fact that the fiscal authorities may get inaccurate information. This will help save money on fines that may be applied in case of submitting inaccurate data to the tax authorities.

Accounting outsourcing

Leading companies in Ukraine and the world have been using express tax audit and accounting outsourcing for many years. This gives them confidence that their business is running properly and they don't have to worry about financial reporting and the like, as they entrust this work to professionals.

So, if you still have doubts about whether to conduct an express tax audit yourself or use the services of accounting outsourcing, then do not delay, but make the right decision. After all, accounting outsourcing means confidence and reliability in the financial result of the business.

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Leading specialist with practical experience in economics and accounting.

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