Export of animals abroad 2023

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Export of animals abroad 2023

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The full-scale Russian invasion was a great test for Ukrainians. Someone went abroad, seeking a quieter life without air worries. And someone was forced to do it, given the fact that the city itself was under occupation or regular shelling. In each of these situations, the question of how to take an animal abroad may be relevant if there are pets in the family. So let’s touch on the topic of taking animals abroad in more detail. And we will also tell you how the services of the legal company “Prikhodko&Partners” will be useful in this matter.

Export of animals abroad 2023 - audit test 1Rules for the export of animals abroad

In the first months of the full-scale incursion at the border, few people paid attention to whether the animals had passports and vaccinations. However, later the situation stabilized relatively, so the norms that were relevant even before the invasion began to apply. The general rules governing the export of animals abroad during wartime are as follows:

  • the age of the animal must be at least 12-13 weeks, which is one of the mandatory conditions;
  • if we talk about documents for taking animals abroad, then there must be a veterinary passport;
  • the animal must be vaccinated, and chipping is also required.

The veterinary passport must contain information about all vaccines the animal has received, as well as all its tests and antibodies. Therefore, the answer to the question of what documents are needed to take a cat abroad is identical to the answer to the question of what documents are needed to take a dog abroad. This is a properly issued vet passport. It can be made in any veterinary clinic.


When 30 days have passed since the animal was vaccinated against rabies, you need to get 1 more document. We are talking about a veterinary certificate of form No. 1. For example, during a flight to the USA, it is shown so that an international certificate can be obtained later.

Правила вивозу тварин за кордон

Export of animals abroad 2023 - tablet infoWhat else is important to know?

Rules for transporting animals abroad may differ depending on the host country. In particular, this applies to vaccines. It can be difficult to study this issue on your own, as you will have to familiarize yourself with the regulatory framework of different states and understand the differences in it. And if you turn to lawyers who regularly work in this matter, this approach will save you a lot of effort and help solve the case much faster and more efficiently.

Export of animals abroad 2023 - group protectionHow can we help?

If we talk about options for legal support that we can provide, then it is of two types:

  • consulting;
  • support for the preparation and processing of documents for taking the animal abroad “on a turnkey basis”.


In the first case, we carefully explain to the client how the issue of animal transportation is regulated by the legislation of the specific country to which he plans to go. This is important so that at the most crucial moment there are no problems that will prevent the possibility of crossing the border.

As for turnkey case support, it is much more comfortable for our clients. We take care of all necessary documents and their proper execution. And also – we do everything significantly faster than it would be if the client solved the issue on his own. The team of the “Prikhodko&Partners” law office will answer relevant questions and provide other services related to taking an animal abroad.

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