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According to the Law of Ukraine “On Property Valuation, Property Rights and Professional Valuation Activities in Ukraine”, this is a certain procedure that determines the value of property at the time of application.

Simply put, it is a procedure that determines how much a property costs. Expert appraisal of real estate is an integral part of concluding various transactions.

When is it necessary to make an expert assessment of real estate?

  • when concluding a contract of sale of residential or non-residential real estate;
  • when renting real estate;
  • when concluding a real estate donation agreement;
  • upon receipt of a certificate of the right to inherit property;
  • to resolve property disputes between the parties;
  • in determining the amount of payment of court fees in the case of filing a lawsuit;
  • to determine the amount of payment of real estate tax;
  • to determine the amount of compensation for damage;
  • when concluding real estate insurance contracts.

This list can be extended for a long time, but it should be understood that almost every action related to real estate requires expert evaluation.

Who can conduct an expert appraisal of real estate?

It should be understood that conducting an expert appraisal of real estate requires special knowledge and skills. This means that such activities can be carried out only by those entities that have a special certificate for such activities and entry in the State Register of Appraisers and Appraisals.

What documents are required for an expert assessment of real estate?

  • Passport and RNOKPP;
  • Documents confirming the right of ownership of real estate (certificate of ownership, gift agreement, certificate of inheritance, etc.);
  • Technical passport for real estate;
  • Photo of the real estate object for which it is necessary to conduct an expert assessment;
  • In some cases, the subject of appraisal activities may request additional documents for the valuation of real estate.

That is, analyzing the above, we can understand that conducting an expert assessment of real estate is not an easy and troublesome job. Because, in order to get an expert appraisal of real estate, you first need to find an entity that can conduct such an appraisal. If in big cities there is no problem with this, in small towns such subjects very often simply do not have.

The best way to get an expert appraisal of real estate in such cases is to turn to special companies that will help to conduct an expert appraisal of real estate in the shortest possible time for the customer. In addition, such companies can additionally provide advice on issues that need to be addressed.

Therefore, in order to solve your issues that require expert appraisal of real estate, you need to approach this issue carefully and thoughtfully. After all, the result of the received service depends on the choice of the subject of appraisal activity.

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