European grants for business development

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European grants for business development

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International grant programs continue to play an extremely large role in supporting the economy of Ukraine, and therefore are extremely popular among budding entrepreneurs and already existing businesses.

However, how they can be obtained in practice is a rather difficult question for ordinary citizens. What shows the relevance of the chosen topic for today?

In this article, we will consider the features of European grants for business development.

What current European grants exist today for the business cycle?

As of 2024, the following relevant European grant programs can be identified, namely:

  1. Grants to support medium and large processing enterprises- designed to support the Ukrainian processing industry.

Potential applicants for participation in the program can be processing enterprises that meet a number of criteria, namely:

  • The number of employees at the enterprise is at least 100 citizens;
  • The annual turnover of the enterprise is at least 200 million hryvnias;
  • The activity of processing enterprises should contribute to the expansion and effective modernization of finished and established production, the formation of new products or goods that contain an innovative component, which will ultimately lead to the creation of a certain number of jobs, an increase in sales both on the domestic market of the country and on the international market. .

The amount of funding under the grant program ranges from USD 150,000 to USD 500,000. The planned quantity of grants is about 30 units. Priority in providing funding will be given to those applicants who are ready to personally invest in the development of a processing enterprise from 30% to 50% of the total grant budget.

  1. Seeds of Bravery UASEEDs grant program- designed to support Ukrainian technology startups and make it possible for them to approach labor standards in the EU.

Only companies that:

  • are officially registered on the territory of Ukraine, or moved to one of the EU member states or have registration in the territories (OST) after February 24, 2022;
  • have one Ukrainian founder in the company or a top manager (CEO, CTO, COO, or equivalent key position) working full-time.

The terms of the grant program envisage the issuance of about 200 grants to Ukrainian startups in the amount of more than EUR 12 million in grant funding. The priority for funding is startups engaged in Deep Tech development -the process of creating technologies or products that are based on scientific bases and advanced research that have the potential to solve complex problems or revolutionize already existing industries, for example, artificial intelligence.

Grantovathe program provides 5 types of support with the possibility of attracting up to EUR 60,000 to one startup:

  • Innovation Services (up to EUR 10,000);
  • Entrepreneurship (up to 25,000 EUR);
  • Deep Tech Incubation (up to EUR 25,000);
  • Rebuilding Ukraine (up to EUR 25,000);
  • Deep Tech Scale-Up (up to EUR 50,000).

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