Establishing an identity without documents

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Establishing an identity without documents

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It happens that a person is left without documents containing a photo card or a digitized face image. During a full-scale war, such situations are not uncommon. Sometimes people do not have time to grab documents if they need to evacuate immediately during shelling. And then it happens that it is impossible to take them away. Or – the documents were destroyed together with the apartment, where a person was miraculously not present at the time of such a situation. There can be many cases. And if earlier establishing an identity without documents was rather rare, now it is quite a common practice. So it is worth knowing how such a procedure takes place.

Establishing an identity without documents - employee portfolioWhen does this procedure of “establishing a person without documents” become relevant?

It is far from always necessary to establish an identity when documents are destroyed. For example, information about a person can be contained in registers, information bases. They can be in both state and private ownership (for example, registers of certain enterprises, institutions or organizations). And only if there are no such registers, then it is really necessary to identify a person in another way. This happens as follows:

  • The applicant applies to the territorial administration of the State Internal Revenue Service.
  • He notes the persons who can be witnesses. They include family members, ex-husband or wife, neighbor or other close person who is 14 years of age or older. Also, witnesses must have documents confirming their identity. Such documents must be presented.
  • Witnesses are interviewed, and based on the results, an identity document is drawn up.


At the same time, martial law leaves its mark on the format of the procedure. Interviewing witnesses can be conducted not only in person, but also remotely via video link. This happens in cases when the relatives of the person whose identity needs to be established are abroad or in another part of the country and cannot come.

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Establishing an identity without documents - information deskWhat you need to know about the video format?

If the identification will take place in the format of a video conference, the witnesses must first send their documents to the address of the departmental post office of the territorial division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will organize the conference. It will be recorded, and the record will be attached to the application-questionnaire in the relevant Register.

The format in which the procedure was carried out must be specified in the act of identification, which is drawn up as a result.

Establishing an identity without documents - discuss 1Consultation of a lawyer

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